Patriotic Decorating Ideas for the Fourth of July

Draw red, white, and blue decorating ideas for the Fourth of July from this country home's patriotic sense of style.


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    • Independence Day Flair

      Use some -- or all -- of the patriotic decorating ideas found in this fresh farmhouse to dress your home for the Fourth of July. Shown here: A star-studded pillow and striped cushion make this red Adirondack chair totally flagworthy.

    • Flags Raised High

      Bringing the patriotic spirit into your home is as easy as hanging an American flag. Complement Old Glory with red accents, such as potted geraniums, a vintage cooler, and red-and-white linens.

    • Resourceful Thinking

      Transform your kitchen simply by replacing everyday necessities with ones befitting a patriotic color palette. Colorful dish towels and trays, a vibrant area rug, red shelf liner, and painted jar lids are budget-friendly, easily swapped additions to a room fit for Uncle Sam.

    • Country Colors

      Give your home a touch of Americana with vintage (or reproduction) enamelware, such as the red-and-white canisters shown here next to the sink. Even the canned tomatoes, shown behind glass-front cabinet doors, add to the patriotic flavor of the room.

    • Fitting In

      Put your collection of blue-and-white dishes on display to celebrate the Fourth of July. For another nod to nostalgia, dress your table in linens from bygone eras -- especially if they feature patterns in red, white, and blue.

    • In Bloom

      Old-fashioned milk bottles with red logos turn bright red flowers into a fresh centerpiece.

    • Reused & Repurposed

      Red chairs pop against a plain white wall -- upon which an old stove top becomes a unique "candy bar" (featuring firecracker-red sweets, of course).

    • Pillow Talk

      Decorative pillows with red, white, and blue covers add instant Americana to a living room. Look for ones with patriotic motifs, such as flags, stars, or stripes.

    • In the Details

      Create temporary vignettes with red, white, and blue objects to update any room for the Fourth of July. Here a red teacart is topped with blue-and-white transferware, red-and-white linens, and a sunny geranium. Above, a red-and-white dishtowel adds flair to the window.

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      Memories to Cherish

      Create artwork with an Americana vibe with red, white, and blue county-fair ribbons. Add colorful flower arrangements to vintage trophies. Use an old quilt to top an easy chair.

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      Patriotic Linens

      Dress a bed in red, white, and blue linens for summer. The patriotic color scheme will last well after the Fourth of July.

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      Fowl Play

      Adorn a fireplace mantel with collectibles in red and white (such as these antique ceramic roosters).

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      Quilts on Display

      For a charming decorating touch, replace a linen closet door with an old-fashioned screen door. Red, white, and blue quilts or bedding can remain on display year-round.

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      Cozy Country Bedroom

      Create a focal point with a bed dressed in eclectic linens. Here, a mix of prints and solids is unified by the use of apple red, denim blue, and crisp white hues.

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      All Lit Up

      Replace an existing lampshade with one that is decorated with the spirit of Independence Day, such as blue-and-white gingham. Strips of blue-and-white ticking can be repurposed as drawer handles or used to tie a timepiece to the headboard.

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      Crafty Lampshade

      For a DIY shade, scout out an old wire lampshade frame. Cut narrow strips of different patterned fabric in coordinating colors. Starting at the top, wrap a strip of fabric around one of the metal spines, then stretch it over to the next one, working your way around the frame. Simply knot one strip to another as needed. Continue down to the base of the frame, securing strips with hot glue.

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      Blast from the Past

      A modern amenity gets dressed in a symbol from its primitive counterpart -- an outhouse shutter painted red hangs on a bathroom door. Look for similar shutters to paint red, white, or blue to hang as artwork in your house for the Fourth of July.

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      Ticked Off

      Blue-and-white ticking makes a great skirt for a vintage kitchen sink that has been repurposed in the bathroom. Store toiletries and bathroom necessities behind the skirt.

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      Front Porch Panache

      Create a cozy outdoor seating area with red-painted chairs, a white table, a vintage tablecloth, and a blue splatterware bucket doubling as a planter.

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      Garden Spirit

      Use an oblong blue splatterware metal container as a window flower box for bright red geraniums.

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      Sounds of the Country

      Repurpose an old red pump as a fountain by combining it with a washboard and laundry tub.

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      Garden-Inspired Decor

      Hang rustic red, white, and blue watering cans for a fun outdoor decoration. Install screw eyes to hang the cans from sturdy hooks.

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      More Patriotic Decorating Inspiration

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