Bubble Wands

Send airy bubbles afloat on summer breezes with these star-spangled bubble wands.

What You Need:

flag pot Display in a pot with flags until ready to use.


Use different sized cookie cutters
for variety.

1. Fold a 40-inch piece of wire in half. Starting at one point of the star, bend the wire around the cookie cutter to form the star outline. When the wire meets, twist to secure.

2. Straighten the ends of the wire and trim them with wire cutters to make them an even length.

3. Insert the trimmed ends into the chuck on an electric drill and tighten the chuck. Hold the wire taut and rotate the drill until the wire is twisted to the desired tightness.

4. Loosen the chuck and remove the wire. Trim the ends again.

5. Carefully remove the star from the cookie cutter. Spray-paint the star. Let the paint dry.

More Ideas:

  • Decorate your deck for the Fourth of July with the wands.
  • Transform the bubble wands into napkin holders by wrapping the handle around an empty paper towel tube to make a ring.
  • Wrap the containers of bubble liquid in red and blue construction paper to complete the holiday atmosphere.