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Free: Patriotic Items to Print

From postcards to American flags, here are several projects to print on your home color printer.

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In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, Hewlett-Packard, BHG.com's technology partner, has created patriotic postcards, flags, and t-shirt transfers.

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Many of the projects have text fields that you may customize -- for instance, the name of a family member you may wish to remember.

All of the projects can be printed on a color printer. Just click on the link of your choice and follow the simple directions.

(For more printable projects for holidays and events throughout the year, visit Printsville.com, HP's printing project Web site).

Printsville.com from Hewlett Packard

Our Ribbon of Unity postcards print three to a page. They work best on the Avery card stock recommended, but you may also print them on standard card stock and cut them out. Write your card and stamp it on the reverse, blank side after printing.

Ribbon of Unity Postcards

Download Adobe Acrobat

Create stationery with the Ribbon of Unity at the top. You can personalize the stationery and even compose a letter online.

Ribbon of Unity Stationery

Show your patriotic spirit by printing these full-page American flags or by ironing one to a t-shirt, sweatshirt, nightie, or other personal garment. We also offer the Ribbon of Unity as an iron-on transfer.

American Flag

American Flag T-shirt Transfer

Ribbon of Unity T-shirt Transfer

Thank a local firefighter or police officer.

While office workers rushed out of burning buildings during the disasters of Sept. 11, 2001, firefighters rushed in. That's the job of America's heroes. Take this opportunity of national spirit and unity to thank a local firefighter, or a local police officer. It's easy to personalize your greeting, and print out as many cards as you wish.

Select the type of card you'd like to send. Then select the sample text and type a message. If you prefer to hand-write your message, highlight and delete the sample text.

Print the page and fold it into quarters. (If cropping occurs, select the shrink-to-fit option for your printer.)

Thank a Firefighter

Thank a Police Officer

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