Easy Fourth of July Party Ideas

Gather your friends and use these simple decorating, entertaining, and recipe ideas for this year's Fourth of July celebration.

By Elizabeth Jensen

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Table Edging
Party Decorations: Streamer Table Edging

    Add some flair to your table at your Fourth of July party by adding a red, white, and blue crepe paper streamer around the edges. Apply double-stick tape to the edge of the table, pinch the crepe paper to create pleats, and place it on the tape. You also can run a stitch line through the crepe paper to create extra pleats.

Party Decorations: Easy Fabric Bunting

    Welcome guests with a patriotic bunting, made from a bit of fabric and yarn. Measure the length of the fence or porch area you want to decorate and add a few extra inches for the ends and gathers. Buy red-and-white fabric plus a ball of yarn. Starting at one end, gather the fabric about every 24 inches and secure the gathers with yarn. Use more yarn to attach the fabric to your hanging spot.

Party Decorations: Simple Star Banner

    A pretty swag adds instant party style and stores easily for use next year. It's a cinch: Cut out an equal number of stars from red and blue tagboard (use the first one as a guide for cutting the rest). Coat the stars with crafts glue and sprinkle with glitter; let dry. Add a grommet for hanging on one point of each star and string onto ribbon. Hang the garland to announce that the party starts here.

Party Decorations: Festive Potted Flowers

    Add a touch of red, white, and blue to your potted flowers. Find containers that are slightly larger than your current pots, and paint them in patriotic colors. Place your plants inside the new containers for a fresh and festive touch. (Shown: red and white geraniums and blue lobelia.)

Party Activity: Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch

    A Bubble Wrap hopscotch course in the garage is an easy way to keep kids entertained for hours! Seek out colorful wrap or paint the backside; add numbers with stencils and spray paint. To prevent slipping, place double-sided adhesive tape to the underside of the squares.

Party Activity: Festive Snack Containers

    These containers are super easy to create and are simple for storing snacks while you watch the fireworks. They make a great crafts project for kids, too. Pick up an assortment of red, white, and blue take-out containers (check your favorite crafts or party store) and go wild with stickers, ribbons, and other festive embellishments. Fill with your favorite treats and enjoy the show!

Party Favor: Fourth of July Flip-Flops

    These super easy flip-flops make fun keepsakes for your guests and are great to wear while watching the fireworks. Pick up some pairs of red, white, and blue flip-flops in a variety of sizes. Hot-glue glow-in-the-dark stars to the straps and you're done!

Party Favor: Fourth of July Cup Covers

    These cup covers are perfect for keeping your guests' drinks chilled at your party. Decorate them with fun stickers, paint pens, and rhinestones to add that extra-festive touch.

Table Setting: Flag Centerpiece

    Any open basket works to make this easy centerpiece. Just fill with decorative grass, baseballs, and red and blue croquet balls. A few tiny flags add festive flair.

Table Setting: Lantern Centerpiece

    Use striped lanterns as a festive centerpiece for your Fourth of July bash. Fit the lantern over a white glass and fill with white blooms.

Table Setting: Red, White & Blue Accents

    Decorating your table in red, white, and blue can be fun and eclectic. Let a cut star shine through a patterned plate by placing a clear plate on top. Make your dessert tray crackle and pop by placing red and blue tea-light candles on the bottom tier. Stick mini flags in the center cupcake on the top tier for a showstopping display.

Table Setting: Napkin Idea

    Mix and match red, white, and blue dining pieces for a fun and festive table setting. Add a silver star to a pretty ribbon and wrap around napkin and silverware.

Table Setting: Drink Cooler

    Fill a blue tub with ice and a variety of cold beverages for your guests to enjoy. Throw a towel with a flag on it over the edge and place in a common area of the party.

Table Setting: Candle Centerpiece

    If you're short on time, whip up this simple candle centerpiece. Find a red or blue plate, top with clear votives, and fill with white candles.

Table Setting: Flower Tower

    For a fresh and fun Fourth of July centerpiece, stack three graduated containers and fill with florist's foam. Pour water over the foam and let it absorb. Stick bright and festive flowers, such as dahlias, into the foam.

Table Setting: Patriotic Cake Stand

    Display a cake with festive flair: Fold 2-inch sections of a red, white, and blue streamer into accordions. Hot-glue each to the bottom of a white cake stand for a patriotic twist.

Festive Food: Candied Apples

    Your guests will love these sweet apples and they're a cinch to make! Use your favorite type of apple -- McIntosh or Jonathan work best -- dip, and enjoy.

Festive Food: Classic Pound Cake

    Use a star-shape cookie cutter to create this adorable dessert. Top with yogurt and berries for a fresh treats your guests will love.

Festive Food: Skillet White Beans

    Delicious baked beans are bound to be a party-time favorite. Chop yellow, green, and red tomatoes and place them on top for a yummy touch.

Festive Food: Red, White & Blueberry Ice Cream Dessert

    Keep your guests cool with this sweet treat. Prepare the night before your bash so it has plenty of time to freeze. Serve with blueberries.

Festive Food: Red, White & Blue Parfaits

    These parfaits are simple to make, beautiful to display, and delicious to eat. Layer your favorite berries in a tall, clear serving glass and let your guests enjoy.

Festive Food: Hot Dogs with BBQ Sauce

    Jazz up ordinary hot dogs with this delicious and fun summertime recipe, featuring Dr Pepper-flavor barbeque sauce.

Festive Food: Strawberry Lemonade

    Put a twist on the classic beverage by adding sweet strawberries. Serve with lots of ice!

More Fourth of July Fun

    Get your house guest-ready with a few simple holiday touches.


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