Home Sweet Home

Help your child build a home with a window-box garden.
Make the House

What You Need:

The handmade flowers outside the
window help turn a cardboard box
into a child's playground.

  • Large cardboard box
  • Utility knife
  • Primer and yellow latex paints, acrylic paints
  • Pink poster board
  • 2 cloth napkins or dishtowels
  • Small cloth tablecloth
  • Duct tape
  • Hot-glue gun


1. Ask an adult to cut the top or bottom off the box. Set the box on the ground, cut-end down.

2. Cut a large door in one side of the box. Make sure one side of the door is left attached to the box, so your door will open. Cut a small heart window in the top of the door.

3. Cut large windows on two sides of the box.

4. Paint the outside of the box and the inside of the door with primer. Let dry. Repeat with a coat of yellow paint. Let dry.

5. Decorate the outside of the box with acrylic paints.

6. Cut shutters out of poster board and glue them to either side of the windows.

7. Tape cloth napkins or dishtowels inside the box, just above the window opening, to create the curtains.

8. Tape a tablecloth to the top of the box to decorate the roof.

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