Happy Cards

You could start your own card business with these no-fail cards designed by you!

What You Need:

Happy Cards A homemade card is the perfect
Mother's Day touch.


1. Fold the piece of typing paper in half and crease the fold. Fold the paper in half again, bringing the folded edges together, and crease.

2. Open the piece of paper. Using a paintbrush and at least three colors, put a dot or glob (not too much!) of each paint in the center of the paper where the folds are. Try to use colors that blend well when mixed together.

3. Fold the paper again as you did in Step 1 and gently rub the colors together. Open up the paper.

4. Turn the paper upside down on the front of the card and rub the paper gently. Pull the top paper off of the card.

5. Let the card dry. Using a marker, write a greeting on the front or inside of the card.