Hanukkah Recipes & Menus

Bring your family to the table with delicious Hanukkah recipes and menus. Our easy and tasty holiday recipes have been part of the Better Homes and Gardens collection for years. In our Hanukkah recipes slideshow, you'll love our spicy Hanukkah latkes, traditional slow-cooked Jewish brisket, delicious fried and jelly-filled sufganyot donuts, easy homemade applesauce, and sweet challah bread. We also share a cake-cutting diagram so that you can bake a dreidel cake for Hanukkah, which starts with a basic yellow cake mix and turns out just like a dreidel with a Hebrew letter on the top. To round out your holiday meal, discover our Hanukkah side dish recipes, such as dried fruit compote; our full collection Hanukkah latkes, including a classic version as well as potato-horseradish latkes, sweet potato latkes, and vegetable latkes; and finish off with one of our Hanukkah desserts, including two types of sufganyots, Hanukkah cookies, honey-pistachio tart, and rugelach. Even if you've never made one of these traditional Hanukkah recipes before, we have the step-by-step instructions and full ingredients list to ensure your holiday menu is a winner.


Fun Hanukkah Ideas & Inspiration
4-Step Latkes

Start with russet potatoes and eggs, then follow our steps for wonderful latkes.

Whole Wheat Challah

Make baking this yeast bread part of your Hanukkah family tradition.

Hanukkah Brisket

Just 20 minutes of hands-on time preps this wonderfully rich brisket dinner.

Everything in Hanukkah Recipes & Menus
Hanukkah Recipes
  • Challah Breads

    Bake traditional challah bread or mix it up with chocolate, whole wheat, or star-shape challah.

  • Dreidel Cake

    With just two simple cuts, you can transform a sheet cake to look like a giant Hanukkah toy. Kids will love it!

  • Hanukkah Desserts

    Cakes and cookies along with rugelach and sufganiyot are special sweets to treat your guests during Hanukkah.

  • Hanukkah Side Dishes

    These zesty Hanukkah side dish recipes add a festive flare to your holiday dinner.

  • Hearty Brisket Feast

    From appetizer to dessert, this Eastern European-inspired meal is heart-warmingly delicious.

  • Latkes

    Mmm, Latkes! Find six new ways to serve this Hanukkah favorite.


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