Set the Hanukkah Table

Set a festive holiday table for your Hanukkah celebration.

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White plates with dreidel
Subtle Scheme

    Lighten up Hanukkah's traditional color scheme by introducing the signature blue in small doses, such as a casual striped cotton tablecloth, a star-embroidered napkin, and everyday china. Scatter the table with clear votive holders filled with candles or white carnations.

First-Class Dining

    Welcome guests with personalized place settings at your table dressed in royal hues of deep blue and pure white with lustrous gold accents. Beaded napkin rings and elegant place cards enhance the gelt-sprinkled table.

Hanukkah Tree

    For a dining table centerpiece or as decoration on a buffet, hang pairs of chocolate gelt and golden dreidels as ornaments from a stick-style tree.


    Break out the fine china and crystal for an elegant Hanukkah evening celebration. On top of the formal place setting, present each guest with a thoughtful gift wrapped in rich blue and gold.

One-of-a-Kind Menorah

    Create a simple and unique homemade menorah for your Hanukkah table. Arrange eight miniature tin pails on a tray and fill each pail with sand to hold a mini taper candle. Add another candle to a slightly larger tin pail and place it in the center of the tray. If you want, tie a numbered tag to the handle of each pail to count the days of the holiday.

Wrapped in Light

    For another unique menorah, set glass tea-light holders on silver-and-blue wrapped boxes, securing the candle holders with double-stick tape.

Simple Sophistication

    If your decorating style is contemporary, don?t feel like your holiday table has to be fussy. To keep it simple, dress pewter or silver plates with blue napkins and sprinkle just a few embellishments at each place setting, such as silver foil-wrapped chocolates or a sterling dreidel.

Festive Ribbon

    Ribbon is an inexpensive embellishment that adds the perfect touch. Run a scarf of pretty blues down the center of the table, then tie blue-and-white napkins at each place setting with ribbon featuring a decorative edge of beads and coins. Wrap small plastic boxes with pieces of decorative ribbon and fill them with foil-wrapped chocolate coins.

Bright Light

    For a festive centerpiece, use a wide velvet ribbon to gather the middle of a long table runner and line up tall tapers in simple candlesticks. See the next slide for how to make the beaded star cutouts that embellish the candlesticks.

Shining Bright

    A cardboard star cutout does double duty as a wax catcher and a creative touch on these candlesticks (see them on the table in the previous slide). Cover the star in decorative paper and embellish the edges with beads.

For the Present

    Leave a small party favor at each guest's spot at the table as a place card. When the meal is over, they can take the small sheer-fabric bags, untie the ribbon, and find the goodies within.

Hanukkah Charm Napkin Rings

    Wrap up your holiday napkins with these charming bracelets. Each consists of blue and silver beads plus assorted Hanukkah-themed charms.

Star of David Place Mat and Napkin

    These elegant holiday table accessories treat your guests to a feast for the eyes. Woven strips of cloth give the place mat a rich texture. The coordinating napkin further sets off each place setting.

Etched Hanukkah Glass

    Dress up a Hanukkah table setting with this subtle Star of David goblet. It's made using a purchased blue glass, which is etched in a simple, quick process.

Hanukkah Napkin Ring

    Having guests over for Hanukkah? Make these colorful napkin rings for the occasion. A variety of bead shapes and colors gives each ring its own personality.

Hanukkah-Themed Paper Table Runner

    Dress up your holiday table with this simple table runner crafted from decorative papers. Our instructions include everything you need to know to create this inexpensive craft, including a printable pattern.

Hanukkah Party Place Cards

    Choose from three place card designs to add sparkle to your Hanukkah festivities. You can make each with card stock, decorative paper, and a few simple craft supplies.

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