Menorah Greeting Card

Craft this Hanukkah greeting card and watch the recipient's eyes light up.

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This tasteful Hanukkah greeting card is crafted from snips of metallic gold card stock, bright white paper, and monofilament line. Mounted on a starry blue background, the menorah shines brightly.

Materials and Tools

  • Menorah pattern (see download link below)
  • Glossy white card stock, cut into 6-1/4-x-9-inch and 4-x-5-inch rectangles
  • Blue speckled paper, 6-x-4-1/4 inches
  • Metallic gold card stock, small piece
  • Monofilament line
  • Double-stick tape
  • Glue or Xyron

Menorah pattern


Download, print, and cut out the menorah pattern.

Fold the 6-1/4-x-9-inch rectangle of glossy white card stock in half to measure 6-1/4-x-4-1/2 inches. Center and mount the blue speckled rectangle on the card front with double-stick tape.

Use the menorah pattern to cut a menorah from the white card stock. For candle flames, cut nine elongated triangles from metallic gold card stock. From monofilament line, cut nine 1-inch lengths, which will represent the candlewicks; using glue, attach one end to the base of each triangle and the opposite end to the back of the menorah. Adhere the menorah to the card.

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