Recount the story of Hanukkah with time-honored Hanukkah recipes, such as latkes and challah (plus fun Hanukkah cookies featuring the Star of David), and history-inspired crafts. "Hanukkah" means dedication in Hebrew and the holiday pays tribute to the group of Jews who found for their right for freedom. Also known as the Festival of Lights, we help you celebrate the holiday with Hanukkah decorations to brighten your table and door, take you through the history of Hanukkah with our traditional songs and a timeline of the rebellion of the Maccabees, and share party ideas so you can enjoy the holiday with family and friends. If you want to teach your kids more about Hanukkah, let them help you with a Hanukkah craft, such as a Star of David candle or a pretty blue-and-white banner for your door. Want to send a holiday note to someone? Check out our Hannukkah cards, which use traditional colors and symbols of the holiday -- the dreidel, menorah, and more -- to commemorate the holiday.


More Hanukkah Ideas & History
Set the Hanukkah Table

Get pretty table decor for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah History & Traditions

Learn about the origins of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Desserts

Share these Hanukkah desserts with family and friends.

Top Stories in Hanukkah
Recipe Ideas
  • Must-Try Hanukkah Recipes

    Hosting a Hanukkah celebration? Serve these recipes that give a fresh spin to the traditional favorites.

  • Hanukkah Desserts

    From cookies and cakes to more traditional desserts, here are some sweet treats you should share during Hanukkah.

  • Latkes

    Latkes, or potato cakes, are a Hanukkah must-have. Try one of these six ways to serve them.

Decorating & Craft Ideas
  • Handmade Hanukkah Decorations

    Decorate your home for Hanukkah with these fun ideas and homemade holiday decorations.

  • Star of David Candle

    Bring warmth and light to your holiday celebration with this candle craft.

  • Dreidel Gift Box

    Give your Hanukkah gifts in this adorable gift box that's shaped like a dreidel.

  • Set the Hanukkah Table

    Decorate your holiday table with a fresh and festive look with inspiration from these table setting ideas.

  • Hanukkah History & Traditions

    Want to know more about the Hanukkah holiday? Find out the history and background on the holiday traditions here.

  • Dreidel Song

    Sing this joyful song while your friends and family play the dreidel game during the Hanukkah celebration.

  • Spinning Treasures

    You've heard the song, now learn how to play the game. Bring everyone together to sing, play, and celebrate.


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