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Make an unforgettable side dish to accompany favorite ham recipes.
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Easter Ham
Make a sumptuous Easter Ham to
celebrate this holiday.

Brown-Sugar-Glazed Ham This traditional Easter beauty gleams thanks to a glaze that balances the deep-flavored sweetness of brown sugar with the tang of red-wine vinegar. Mint lends coolly aromatic appeal.


Easter Egg Potatoes We give you a choice. You can bake these potatoes at a temperature compatible with the other food in the oven.


Pick-of-the-Patch Salad Don't have a platter big enough to hold the ingredients? Make individual salads or toss mixture in a large bowl.


Cardamom-Orange Easter Bunnies The lovable shape of these rolls has stayed the same since the golden-tailed hares made their debut in our pages in 1955. We've enhanced them with a little cardamom.


Frozen Eggstravagance Don't confine yourself to the flavors we've listed here. Use your favorites.