Gilded-Pillar Candles

Add touches of gold leafing to your candles for variety and elegance.

What You Need:
Enlarge Image These romantic candles help set the mood for a special occassion.
  • Masking Tape
  • Pillar Candle
  • 1/2-inch flat paintbrush
  • Gold-leaf adhesive
  • Gold-leaf sheets
  • Spray matte varnish

1. Firmly press strips of masking tape around the candle horizontally or vertically, as desired. 2. Use the flat brush to apply an even coat of the gold-leaf adhesive onto all exposed areas of the candle. Let dry. 3. Apply a second coat of the adhesive. Let dry. 4. Carefully press the gold-leaf sheets onto the exposed areas of the candle, adding additional gold-leaf sheets as necessary. 5. Carefully remove the strips of masking tape. Finish by lightly spraying a coat of varnish on the candle. Let dry.

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