Just for Dad

It is Dad's day to feel special.
Pick Your Pasta

Dad's the greatest and you want him to know it. So make a pasta salad that is designed just for him. For starters, brainstorm to select a shape of pasta that fits his personality. If he loves his car? Go for cool wheels and use wagon wheel pasta. Or, if he's a great dresser, bow ties or farfalle might be the pasta that suits him. Dad also gets to choose how he would like to dress his special salad: Creamy French, Italian, or Buttermilk Garlic.

One of the terrific things about this salad is that it's ready to go in 30 minutes. The pasta is the only ingredient that needs to be cooked. After that, there's no more hot stuff to worry about. All that's left is shaking up the dressing. Just measure and snip a few ingredients, toss them into a plastic container with a lid, then get shakin' in the kitchen.

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