Creative Ideas for Father's Day Treats

Give Dad a Father's Day gift that will satisfy his sweet tooth as well as touch his heart. These cute and easy dessert ideas for Father's Day are a great way to thank Dad for being a role model, teacher, and friend.

By Taysha Murtaugh

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Father?s Day Golf Cupcake
Happy Father's Day Golf Cupcake

    Hit a hole in one this Father's Day with a creative cupcake for the golfing dad. Bake traditional chocolate cupcakes, then use food coloring to tint vanilla frosting. With a pastry bag and narrow decorating tip, create thin blades of grass with upward strokes. For the cupcake topper, write a message on a new golf ball. Hot-glue the ball to a new, clean golf tee. Stick the topper in the middle of the cupcake just before surprising Dad with the treat.

Shirt-and-Tie Father's Day Cake

    Tell Dad how much he's appreciated with this adorable shirt-and-tie brownie cake. Bake a batch of brownies in a lined 13x9-inch baking pan; let cool. Frost it with Dad's favorite frosting flavor and color (we used chocolate). Create the collar and pocket with a darker shade of frosting, and use melted white chocolate to form the necktie. For a striped tie, use decorating gel icing or licorice. Add candy-coated milk chocolate pieces for collar and pocket buttons.

Father's Day Campout Treat

    The dad who enjoys the great outdoors will go nuts for this camp-inspired Father's Day cake, featuring peanuts, tortillas, and pretzel sticks.

Father's Day Bacon Cake

    For the bacon-loving dad, why not bake a Father's Day cake with a surprising flavor? With its unbeatable combination of sweet and salty ingredients, this apple-maple-bacon cake -- yes, we said bacon -- is sure to make Dad's mouth water. A basic or purchased round cake works great, but you also could try our bacon-laced chocolate cake. Add white frosting with bits of cooked bacon around the edges of the cake, and spell out a special message on top using decorating gel and more bacon.

All-Star Cake for Dad

    Show Dad you think he is an "All Star" father with this jersey-shape dessert cut from a 13x9-inch cake. Decorate the cake with Dad's favorite team colors, and use candy to write his favorite player's number or the phrase "All Star Dad."

Beach Cupcakes for Dad

    If your dad loves to hit the beach, these ocean-inspired cupcakes are the perfect Father's Day treat for him. Featuring peanut butter cookie flip-flops and crushed vanilla wafer sand, this delectable Father's Day dessert is sure to catch waves of smiles from Dad.

Bowling Cake for Father's Day

    No Father's Day treat will delight the bowling Dad more than this cake, featuring both bowling pin and bowling ball. Bake two 13x9-inch cakes and one 6-inch circular cake (we used an ovenproof bowl); let cool. Frost one of the 13x9-inch cakes with yellow frosting, and cut the other into the shape of a bowling pin, using our photo as a guide. Frost the pin with white frosting and the circular cake with chocolate frosting. Give the pin red stripes using red icing or licorice. Place the bowling pin layer on top of the yellow-frosted cake and the circular cake on top of the pin. Create the look of finger holes in the bowling ball with three tea-light candles that Dad can blow out.

Football Brownies for Dad

    Score a touchdown in Dad's eyes with these fudgy football brownies. This Father's Day treat is especially appropriate for the guy who loves football and chocolate.

Father's Day Cheeseburger Ice Cream Cake

    For the dad who loves a juicy burger, make his mouth water with this eye-fooling ice cream cake. Serve it with a side of "fries" made of strips of pound cake.

Sports Cupcakes for Dad

    Bake a batch of sport-inspired cupcakes for Father's Day. These basketball, baseball, and soccer-adorned cupcakes are so easy to make because they are doughnut holes dipped in melted candy coating. First bake Dad's favorite cupcakes and let cool. Then, fill a pastry bag with green frosting, and using a small tip, create a patch of "grass" on each cupcake. Dip the doughnut holes in melted candy coating, and use decorating frosting to draw the appropriate design on each ball. Put the decorated doughnut holes on top of the green frosting.

Dad's Root Beer Float Cupcakes

    For the root beer-drinking dad, whip up these root beer float cupcakes, complete with root beer-flavor hard candies and colorful straws.


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