Father's Day Recipes

The way to Dad's heart on Father's Day is through his stomach, so whip up his favorite recipes to make him a special Father's Day meal. To get you started, we have some great ideas for a Father's Day menu that include Dad-approved dishes. If it's warm enough to grill outside, treat Dad to a nice outdoor meal with these Father's Day recipes, which include beer-marinated peppered T-bones and summertime tortellini. Ask Dad what his favorite recipes are or try some new recipes for Father's Day dinner, such as steaks in a mushroom-brandy cream sauce or beans with blue cheese. There are ways you can be creative with Dad's Father's Day meal so it fits his personality: If he dotes on his car, make a pasta salad with wagon-wheel pasta; if dressing up is his thing, make a dish with bow tie pasta. Finally, if you want to stick with classic Father's Day recipe ideas, make a simple steak and pair it with a potato salad and a yummy dessert that Dad will love, such as peanut-brittle bread pudding.


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