Dad's Travel Kit

Remind Dad of all the great places he's been with these special mementos.
What You Need:

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Create a special keepsake for the
travel enthusiast.

  • Large memory box: box measures 12-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 5-1/2-inches
  • 1 inch sponge brush
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acry-Blend
  • Plastic wrap
  • Coluzzle oval template kit
  • Old map or wrapping paper that looks like a map
  • Pictures of vehicles from a magazine
  • Decoupage medium
  • White dimensional fabric paint
  • Travel items: maps, brochures, bottled water, and travel guides

Delta Ceramcoat Colors:

  • AB Autumn Brown 2055
  • BU Burnt Umber 2025


1. Use the sponge brush to base-coat all of the outer surfaces of the unassembled box with two coats of AB; let paint dry.

2. Apply one coat of Acry-blend drying retarder to the painted surfaces of the box. Quickly apply one coat of BU to the prepared surfaces. To add grain lines, press a scrunched piece of plastic wrap down on the wet paint, then lift up the wrap. Continue to cover the entire painted surface of the box with grain lines. When the paint is completely dry, assemble the box.

3. Using the puzzle template, cut out one oval puzzle and approximately 30 additional puzzle pieces from the map or wrapping paper.

4. Position the oval puzzle on the front of the box; cut the pieces along the bottom of the lid. Remove the oval puzzle pieces from the box and apply decoupage medium to that area. Use your fingers to press the puzzle pieces in place on the wet area, smoothing from the center out to remove bubbles and adhere edges. Add additional puzzle pieces and vehicle photos, one at a time, randomly over the box; let dry.

5. Apply two coats of decoupage medium to the entire box, letting dry between coats.

6. Use the white dimensional marker to write "Dad's Travel Kit" on the front of the lid; let dry. Fill the box with travel items.

Buyer's Guide:

Delta Technical Coatings (PermaEnamel paint) 2550 Pellissier Place, Whittier, CA 90601-1505 800/423-4135