Beautiful Fall Living Rooms

The space you relax in deserves the full fall treatment. No living room corner goes overlooked -- from window ledge to mantel top -- in this collection of pretty fall looks and inspirations.

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4 Incredibly Cool Halloween Ideas

These must-see ideas are super fun accessories for your Halloween party. From a vampire place setting to a fresh spin on caramel apples, you'll be inspired to start creating.

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Pumpkin Recipes

Dazzle your holiday guests with our best pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin entrees and pumpkin desserts. Choose from savory -- pumpkin soups and pumpkin pastas -- or sweets, like pumpkin bars and cookies. Regardless, there's a showstopping pumpkin recipe for you.

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Easy No-Carve Pumpkins

Create quick no-carve Halloween pumpkins with a creative eye and some decorative tape. We share our technique!

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Halloween Drink & Punch Recipes

No goblin or ghoul will go thirsty at your Halloween party with these delightful party drinks and punch recipes. Concoct a kid-friendly beverage, or experiment with adults-only cocktail creations.

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Natural Fall Wreaths

Autumn's colorful bounty of foliage and produce is the first place we look when decorating for fall. Made with (or inspired by) bittersweet, cornhusks, apples, twigs, and other natural adornments and textures, these door wreaths are perfect for welcoming the season.

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Pretty Front Entry Decorating Ideas for Fall

Use these pretty fall decorating ideas to add pizzazz to your porch this autumn. Whether it's a gourd, wreath, or full porch display, you're sure to find beautiful fall inspiration for your front entry.

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Popular in Holidays

Decorate a Desk Set for a Father's Day Gift

Give Dad a hand-decorated desk set that includes storage boxes, a pencil holder, letter holder, and memo board.

What You'll Need

  • Two octagonal papier-mache boxes
  • Pencil holder
  • Small letter holder
  • Scissors
  • Brown suede scrapbook paper
  • Map scrapbook paper
  • Wallpaper or scrapbook paper in tan and burgundy
  • Spray adhesive
  • Tan grosgrain ribbon
  • Fabric glue
  • 16 wooden ball feet
  • Copper paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Crafts glue
  • Drill
  • Four antique-finish brass knobs
  • One washer to fit brass knob
  • Two copper nameplate brackets
  • Paper scraps
  • Letter stickers in black or brown

How to Make It

1. Using our photograph, the papier-mache boxes, and the desk set pieces as guides, cut wallpaper and/or scrapbook papers to cover the box and set pieces, using different combinations of paper as desired. Use spray adhesive to adhere papers to each piece.

2. Embellish the desk accessories by adhering grosgrain ribbon to each item using fabric glue.

3. Paint the wooden ball feet with copper paint; let dry.

4. Use crafts glue to adhere four painted wooden balls to the bottom of each papier-mache box, the letter holder, and the pencil holder.

5. Drill a hole in the center of the small papier-mache box lid and screw the brass knob in place using a washer on the inside of the lid so the knob doesn't pull through.

6. Drill three evenly spaced holes along the wooden frame at the bottom edge of the memo board. Screw brass knobs into the holes.

7. Use crafts glue to attach copper nameplate brackets to the memo board and letter holder. Cut a paper scrap to fit into each bracket. Before inserting, label each one using letter stickers. Insert the paper scraps into the brackets.


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