Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Give Dad a keepsake Father's Day craft made by his favorite kids. These homemade gifts include works of art as well as more practical items, such as gardening supplies and a travel kit. Dad will love the thought that goes into each one of these Father's Day crafts for kids.

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  • Globe Planter

    Put Dad's love of travel and plants on display together. To make, use a utility knife to cut a globe in half along the equator (this step is for adults only, unless you have older kids). Line the base of the globe with plastic, then add soil and succulents. Lift and steady the globe on a drainage dish or plant stand.

  • Painted Sculpture

    Dad's office just got a bit more colorful with this nifty Father's Day craft. Hunt for faceted wood blocks (crafts stores or art stores are good stops), then block off a few sides with painters tape. Apply two coats of paint to the readied sides, alternating the colors for maximum effect.

  • Geode Wine Stoppers

    Cool geodes (available at hobby stores and often at children's science museums) make eye-catching Father's Day wine stoppers. Watch and learn how to make them.

  • Chalkboard Laundry Label

    Crafting for a more practical Dad? Transform a wood napkin holder into an easy dispenser for dryer sheets. Coat the front with chalkboard paint and add a hint of what it should hold.

  • Stenciled Metal Caddy

    Dad will be able to keep all his correspondance organized in a nifty metal caddy. We've provided the free honeycomb pattern (simply cut out and tape to your design before painting); you paint the pretty lines. Fill in a few honeycombs for variety.

  • Gardener’s Hanging Basket

    It's simpler than you might think to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary for Father's Day. Pick a phrase or quote -- even an oft-used theme from Dad. Using chalk, transfer the words to a plastic hanging basket (preplanted or empty). Trace over the words using a white paint pen. Let the paint dry for several hours, then rub off any excess chalk. To dress up the standard plastic hanger, swap it out for chain or repurposed items (here, pet leashes). 

  • Dad-Only Sketchbook

    Even tech-savvy Dads make lists and keep notes, so give them a personalized Father’s Day craft that takes just minutes to create. Purchase pocket-size notebooks and alphabet stamps (available at crafts stores). Squeeze a 3-inch line of fabric block printing ink or paint onto a paint palette or 18-inch piece of waxed paper taped to an even surface. Use a 2-inch hard rubber brayer or flat 1/4- to 1/2-inch-wide acrylic paintbrush to spread the ink and create a thin, uniform layer. Select the letters needed, then apply color to each one individually by pressing it into the ink, then onto the notebook, spacing the letters as desired.

  • Papier-Mache Bowl

    Dad's keys just got a new storage spot. Create a handmade bowl by turning over a mixing bowl and covering it with plastic wrap (this will protect the bowl from glue). Make a mixture of equal parts of white glue and water, then dip 1-inch-wide strips of paper in the mixture. Form the strips around the bowl (remember to lay strips facedown on the bowl for the inside of your new bowl; lay strips faceup for the outside). We used one layer of blueprints for the inside of the bowl and two layers of yellow-gold scrapbook paper for the outside of the bowl. Make sure you use a total of three layers to create a sturdy craft.

    When happy with the look, let it dry. Remove the plastic wrap and bowl, and smooth any rough edges with fine-grit sandpaper.

  • Personalize a Terra-Cotta Container

    Let your kids customize a crafty container for Father's Day with this simple, trendy technique.


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    T-Shirt Pillows

    Reuse Dad's old college or sports tees to make cool keepsake pillows for Father's Day. Cut the T-shirt fabric to the desired size, allowing for 1/4-inch seams. Sew with the wrong sides together, making sure to leave an opening to fill. Use filling or forms to stuff the pillow; sew closed (push the filling to the bottom of the pillow and feed the unfinished edge through the sewing machine). Get creative with your design -- different sizes, multiple shirts on one pillow, and embellishments can personalize the gift.

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    Keepsake and Display Board

    Perfect for a home office or work space, this sweet Father's Day crafts project comes together in no time at all. To make: Purchase a new frame, or clean up and paint a vintage option. Measure increments along the back of the frame, marking spots for string, twine, or colored ribbon. Cut lengths of whatever you choose to reach across the back of the frame. At each mark, place a dot of hot glue on the frame, then push the string into the glue with a metal awl. Hold for a few seconds until the glue dries. Directly across the frame, place a dot of glue and attach the opposite end of string, drawing it taut. Once you and your kids are finished, clip photographs or other lightweight mementos with clothespins, then wrap to present to Dad.

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    Printable Father's Day Coupons

    Let kids take the reins when it comes to choosing gifts for Dad with easy-to-make Father's Day coupons. Give kids a pen and a stack of our downloadable coupons, and have them come up with fun ideas to write on the coupons. Cut out the cover page, punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner of each coupon, and secure them together with a brad or ribbon. 

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    Drop-and-Go Bowl

    Kids and parents alike will have fun making this melty bead project for a Father's Day gift. Spray the inside of an oven-safe bowl with nonstick cooking spray, then line it with one layer of plastic meltable beads (available at crafts stores). Full tutorial in the video!

    Editor's Note: The decorative bowl is
 not food-safe.

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    Kid's Artwork Silhouette Decoration

    Don't know what to do with abstract finger paintings from the little ones? Turn one into a neat silhouette as a crafty Father's Day gift from the both of you. Take a photo of your child's profile and print out. Trace around the image with a black marker. Set a sheet of paper on top of the photo and trace a clean outline. Place this paper under a sheet of thick white watercolor paper. Hold the papers up to a brightly lit window, and trace the silhouette with a pencil onto the watercolor paper; cut out with a crafts knife. Mount it on top of your child's painting, then frame.

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    Father's Day Paperweight

    Help Dad keep his desk tidy with one of these colorful paperweights made from stones and fabric scraps. Gather a few smooth, round stones from the yard, and decoupage fabric scraps onto them; let dry. Embellish with letter stickers for added pizzazz.

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    String Art for Dad

    Pick a short word or monogram and create this decorative art for Father’s Day. Cut letters from paper in your desired size and place on a piece of painted plywood. Tap nails every 1⁄2 inch around the perimeter of each letter. Remove 
the paper letters. Using thin string 
or embroidery floss, tie a triple knot around one nail and begin weaving string diagonally from nail to nail to fill in centers of the letters. Knot at the end when finished.

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    Sketching and Writing Supply Gift

    For creative dads, whip up this practical Father's Day gift that holds sketching and writing supplies on the go. To make a roll that fits 20 pencils, start with a 14×13-1⁄2-inch piece of felt. Fold the bottom
 edge over 1⁄2 inch and stitch. Fold the bottom with the hem to the inside to form a 14×8-1⁄2-inch roll; sew the sides using 1⁄2-inch seam allowances. Using
 a disappearing-ink pen, mark small, equal-size pockets for each pencil. Sew along each line, backstitching at the beginning and end of each row for added durability. To make a tie, sew a 9×1-1⁄2-inch felt strip to the pencil roll edge.

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    Dad’s-Only DIY Bowl

    Every dad needs a place for his wallet, keys, change, and more -- right? For Father's Day, give him this elegant and classic catchall bowl cut from sturdy midweight 3-millimeter-thick felt. Download and print the free pattern. Use packing tape on the underside
 to attach the pattern to the felt sheet. Cut out the felt shape using sharp scissors; notch each corner, stopping at the marked point on the pattern. Pinch the cut corners and sew using a straight stitch and matching thread.

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    Fond Memories Frame for Dad

    Celebrate a specific memory with Dad this Father's Day. Buy an inexpensive frame and matching mat from your local crafts store. Let the kids write their favorite things to do with Dad around the edges of the mat, leaving room for a picture. Frame and give to Dad for Father's Day.

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    Easy Bottle-Cap Magnets

    Vintage bottle caps (found in antiques and thrift stores) or caps saved from Dad's favorite brews make a perfect Father's Day gift when turned into magnets for the fridge. Kids can easily help with the task by picking out the bottle caps and (if they're old enough) helping you hot-glue small magnets onto the backs of the caps.

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    No-Sew Coasters

    An understated, no-sew coaster in neutral tones is an easy Father's Day craft, and gives Dad just the place to rest his first (or last) cup of coffee. Download and print the diamond, star, and circle patterns. Trace and cut out a star and circle from neutral-color felt and paper-backed fusible web, such as Wonder-Under. Apply the fusible web to the corresponding felt shapes. Cut diamonds from a variety of dense wool felt colors, using packing tape to hold the patterns in place. Remove the fusible-web paper backing from the star shape to expose the adhesive, and then fuse the diamonds in place on the star. Fuse the circle to the back of each coaster for added padding.

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    Decorative Potted Plant

    A plain terra-cotta pot becomes a fresh Father's Day gift with a bit of paint and some foam letter stickers. Let kids paint a pot the color of their choice with kid-safe acrylic paint; let dry. Attach punched-paper shapes and accents to the painted pot using decoupage medium, and embellish the border with foam letter stickers.

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    Scrappy Self-Portrait

    Give Dad an artistic picture this year instead of the expected photo in a frame. Cut leftover scrapbook paper in colors that match skin tone, hair, and eyes into small pieces. Have your child sketch an outline of himself or herself on heavy paper, then simply fill in the outline with the paper scraps for a colorful self-portrait mosaic.

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    Dad Flower Vases

    Use old, clear bottles to house pretty flowers for Dad. Adhere letter stickers that spell "DAD" and display alongside a delicious Father's Day breakfast.

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    DIY Travel Kit

    Update Dad's to-go travel kit with a just-for-him Father's Day gift bag emblazoned with a personal message and new supplies. Squeeze a 3-inch line of fabric block printing ink or paint onto a paint palette or 18-inch piece of waxed paper taped to an even surface. Use a 2-inch hard rubber brayer or flat 1/4- to 1/2-inch-wide acrylic paintbrush to spread the ink and create a thin, uniform layer. Select the letters you'll need, then apply color to each one individually by pressing it into the ink or paint, then onto the bag, spacing the letters as desired.

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