Father's Day Cards

Skip the store and make Dad feel extraspecial on Father's Day with a handmade card. We have plenty of choices for easy-to-make Father's Day cards, some with sports or hobby themes and others with sentimental messages that praise Dad for being the World's Greatest Dad. All of our cards wish Dad a very happy Father's Day. To make our handmade Father's Day cards all you need is paper, stamps, ribbon, and a bit of creativity. Mimic a dress shirt pocket (why not give Dad a new handkerchief to go with it?) with this creative Father's Day card idea, or let the kids decorate a very special Father's Day card using a stamp pad and their fingerprints. Little kids can turn their fingerprints into a variety of cool designs for Dad, such as centipedes or flowers, and the older kids can decorate Dad's card with markers and pens. If you're short on time, send Dad one of our Father's Day e-cards -- there are plenty of options for you to choose from that will make him feel loved on Father's Day.


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Father's Day Crafts to Make

Need a unique gift? Let your kids make one just for Dad.

Free & Fun Father's Day E-Cards

Show Dad your appreciation with a cool e-card.

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Show Dad you care with these delicious homemade desserts.

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  • Fast, Fun Father's Day Cards

    Send Dad a card that's straight from your heart with one of these fun Father's Day card ideas.

  • You're Tops, Pop

    Of course your Pop is number one! Give him a card to let him know you think so.

  • 4 Arms for Hugs

    Two arms just aren't enough for Dad's Father's Day hug. Give him a bigger hug with this card.

  • Father's Day Card

    Create a card just for Dad by following this easy step-by-step guide.

  • Sticky Fingers

    It will be easy to trace these handmade gifts back to you! They're covered in your fingerprints.


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