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Thread Eggs

Decorate a tree with these happy Easter eggs in no time.

What You Need:

Use these eggs as ornaments or put them in Easter baskets.
  • Small oval balloons
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss or sewing thread
  • Liquid starch or fabric stiffener
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1. Inflate small oval balloons and tie the necks tightly.

2. Soak 12- to 24-inch lengths of embroidery floss or regular sewing thread (use one color or a variety of colors) in liquid starch or fabric stiffener. Soak each piece of floss separately and pull the wet thread between your thumb and forefinger to remove excess liquid.

3. Wrap the wet threads around the balloon one at a time. The thread will stick to the balloon without any additional glue or fastener. Cover the balloon by crisscrossing the threads any way you choose. Use less thread for an open, lacy egg, or wrap additional thread for an egg that looks more solid.

4. Tie a piece of dry thread around the neck of the thread-wrapped balloon and hang it until the thread is dry and hard to the touch. Burst the balloon with a pin and pull the balloon out of the top of the Thread Egg. Place Thread Eggs in a basket or bowl, or attach loops of floss so you can hang several on a tree branch to create an egg tree.

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