How to Blow Out Eggs

By emptying an egg of its yolky contents, you can automatically expand its crafting possibilities. We love using blown-out eggs for Easter crafts, dyeing techniques, or other decorations. Try this technique on your Easter eggs this year.

Enlarge Image Using a Dremel Moto Tool to blow out eggs.
  1. Use a Dremel Moto Tool or a pair of cuticle scissors to carefully cut a hole slightly larger than 1/8" diameter at each end of the egg (see Step 1 ).
  2. Place a bulb syringe in one of the holes and blow the contents of the egg out through the other end (see Step 2). Rinse the inside of the egg with mild soap, water, and a very small amount of bleach. Let dry.
  3. Paint the shells or decorate as you wish.

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