Easy Easter Baskets

Get the family together to craft these fun, simple Easter baskets, then fill them with treats or use as decorations. Some are reusable baskets, and some are just meant for an Easter day display.

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Blooming Basket
Flowery Easter Basket

    Embellish a reusable basket with foam flowers (available at crafts stores) and lengths of pastel ribbon to look like a blooming display. This Easter basket is perfect for gifting books or sports equipment because it's sturdy and large.

Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins

    For a more playful, colorful look, turn a tin planter into an Easter basket. Determine how much fabric you'll need by wrapping a test strip around a tin pail. Allow extra fabric on all edges to fold under, and plan for holes for the pail's handle. Trim your chosen fabric. Apply decoupage medium across the pail and then place fabric on top. Smooth out any air bubbles. Finish with a second coat of decoupage medium.

Nontraditional Easter Basket

    Why get locked into true baskets for Easter, when travel-size bags work just as well? The kids will love snacks or travel games loaded up inside see-through zippered bags. Bonus: We've got the free labels (shown in the photo), available below.

    Editor's Tip: Our large labels are designed to print on Avery 1x2-5/8-inch folder adhesive labels (#8160), and our small labels are made for Avery 2x4 mailing labels (#5163), both available at office supply stores.

Tin Easter Basket

    Let a colorful metal tin do the hard work as this year's Easter basket. Tin containers with handles are the traditional choice, but the pretty options without handles work just as well for holding candy and other Easter treats. Simply make your own magnets to attach to the tin: We used file-drawer labels and printed letters backed with magnetic strips. Personalize the tin with a pretty paper flower attached to the lid.

Large Easter Tub

    We've got the free label, below, to complete this large-size basket in a pinch. If you're giving a handful of toys or simply want a long-lasting Easter basket, a colorful tub works great. Write the Easter boy or girl's name on our label (or write what goodies the tub is filled with) and tie on the handle with matching ribbon.

Easter Treat Basket

    This dainty pink basket makes a perfect nest for painted eggs, jelly beans, or chocolates. Just print out the pattern, cut, and assemble.

    Editor's Tip: Use markers to add names to baskets for fun Easter place cards.

Bunny Easter Basket

    This fun kid's craft for Easter holds candy and serves as a decoration. Simply use an empty soda bottle, ribbon, and glue to create this cute project. Ribbon attached to each side of the bottle to create the pretty handle.

Easter Butterfly Basket

    Make this pretty Easter basket in four easy steps.

    -- Wrap a berry basket in cardstock.

    -- Create the grass by stapling or gluing more cardstock around the top of the basket; cut the top edge to look like blades of grass.

    -- Bend a piece of cardstock and staple to the basket to create the handle.

    -- Embellish with butterfly cutouts and patterned paper.

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

    Recycle cans and tins to make charming little candy baskets for Easter. Cover containers with paper and embellish with colorful ribbon. Use chenille stems as decorative handles.

Easter Bonnet Basket

    Improvise a pretty Easter basket using a simple straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed-out eggs can be stuffed with paper ribbons that include spring wishes, egg-hunting clues, or even names for place cards.

Recycled Easter Nest

    This recycled Easter nest can serve as a decoration or as a fresh alternative to Easter baskets. To create a paper nest, shred long sheets of paper and staple each end together. Add a length of florist'sl wire, hold one end of the strips in each hand, and twist and wrap it into a nest. Clip a few strands with scissors for a loosely woven look.

    Editor's Tips:

    -- Recycle colorful tissue paper or holiday wrapping scraps to make Easter basket filling.

    -- Use a shredder for quick springtime basket decor.

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