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Easy Easter Baskets

Get the family together to craft these fun, simple Easter baskets, then fill them with treats or use as decorations. Some of the baskets are reusable, some are the perfect kid Easter basket, and some are just meant for an Easter day display. Try our Easter basket ideas this year for your Easter egg hunt or visit from the Easter bunny.


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    • Coiled Fabric Easter Baskets

      All you need to make our pretty Easter baskets is cord, fabric strips, and glue. Fill them with spring candy and treats for a sweet Easter present.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      For each basket, you'll need 3/4 yards of colored print fabric (cut into 16x1-1/2-inch wide strips), 4 yards of cotton piping cord, and a hot-glue gun and glue sticks or needle and thread.

      Hot-glue the first fabric strip to one end of the cord, and wrap it around the cord at an angle. Do this until the cord is covered entirely. Coil the cord tightly around itself, hot-gluing as you go, until you have a 2-inch spiral. Continue the spiral until the you've reached your desired base size.

      Stack the next round atop the base, gluing as you go, until your basket is the desired height. Add tiny handles fashioned from leftover fabric.

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    • Felt Easter Bunny Bags

      These oh-so-cute Easter bunny bags are the perfect kid Easter basket for storing eggs and candy.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Stretch an 8-1/2x11-inch sheet of 100% wool felt to a 12-inch length. Cut 3 inches from one long side, then cut this strip in half for two ears. Fold the remaining piece of felt in half with the fold on the bottom. Make light marks 3/4-inch from the side edges and across the top, excluding the folded bottom, and along the short ends of the ears. Work a pencil through the marks to create holes; thread ribbon through the holes to sew the sides. Sew the ears onto each side of the bag, leaving the middle of the bag between the ears open.

      Hot-glue white felt circles and black pom-poms for the eyes. Add a pink felt triangle and two white pom-poms for the nose.

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    • Colorful Button Easter Basket

      Refresh a basic wooden basket for Easter with just a bag full of colorful buttons.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      No need to be exact -- simply hot-glue buttons, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, onto your basket for a truly unique look. Tie a pretty pink ribbon to the handle for holiday-ready presentation.

    • Flowery Rain Boots Easter Basket

      Spring-pattern rain boots serve as a neat hiding place for sweet Easter treats.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Start with a layer of Easter grass tucked in the bottom of each boot. Add plastic eggs, candy, and other small items until you've reached the top, then tuck in more faux grass for a pretty display in this clever Easter basket alternative.

    • Pretty Paper Easter Basket

      Celebrate spring with a pastel-theme Easter basket that's full of brightly painted eggs.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Our adorable Easter gift basket comes together with just a bit of scrapbook paper and ribbon. First, download our pattern; cut out. Fold the pieces on the dotted lines as indicated, and punch out each circle on the sides. Adhere the sides to the back and front pieces, and fold up. Thread ribbon through each hole to hold the basket together, then attach the handle pieces.

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    • Easter Bonnet Basket

      Improvise a pretty Easter basket using household items, such as an unused straw hat.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Wipe the inside of a straw hat with a dryer sheet to freshen it. Fill the base with wadded dry paper towels for height and tuck in greenery to cover. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed-out eggs can be stuffed with paper ribbons that include spring wishes, egg-hunting clues, or even names for place cards.

    • Fabric-Wrapped Easter Tins

      For a more playful, colorful look, turn a regular tin planter into an Easter gift basket.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Determine how much fabric you'll need by wrapping a test strip around a tin pail. Allow extra fabric on all edges to fold under, and plan for holes for the pail's handle. Trim your chosen fabric. Apply decoupage medium to the pail and then place fabric on top. Smooth out any air bubbles. Finish with a second coat of decoupage medium.

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    • Make a Pretty Garland for Your Easter Basket

      Making baskets for Easter is just the starting point; a pretty garland made of fabric scraps is the finish. See how!

    • Recycled Easter Nest

      A recycled-paper Easter nest can serve as a decoration or as a fresh alternative to Easter baskets.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Shred long sheets of paper and staple each end together. Add a length of florist wire, hold one end of the strips in each hand, and twist and wrap it into a nest shape. Clip a few strands with scissors for a loosely woven look.

      Easter Basket Tips:

      -- Recycle colorful tissue paper or holiday wrapping scraps to make Easter basket filling.

      -- Use a shredder for quick springtime basket decor.

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      Large Easter Tub

      A simple label transforms a large-size tub into a kid Easter basket in a pinch. If you're giving a handful of toys or simply want a long-lasting Easter basket, the large-size tub works great.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Write the Easter boy or girl's name on our label and tie to the handle with matching ribbon. Fill with your favorite treats and toys to finish the Easter basket.

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      Nontraditional Easter Basket

      Why get locked into true baskets for Easter when travel-size bags work just as well? The kids will love snacks or travel games loaded inside see-through zippered bags.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Wipe out clear travel-size toiletry bags. Attach one of our downloadable labels to the package. Our large labels are designed to print on Avery 1x2-5/8-inch folder adhesive labels (#8160), and our small labels are made for Avery 2x4 mailing labels (#5163), both available at office supply stores.

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      Easter Treat Basket

      This dainty pink basket makes a perfect nest for painted eggs, jelly beans, or chocolates.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Print out the pattern, cut, and assemble. Tie with a bright pastel bow as the final flourish for your kid's Easter basket.

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      Tin Easter Basket

      Enliven a plain-Jane metal tin as this year's Easter basket. Tin containers with handles are the standard choice, but the pretty options without handles work just as well for holding candy and other Easter treats.


      Make the Easter Basket:
      Trim a thick band of solid-color paper from poster board. Wrap around the center of a tin pail, attaching with a few dots of glue as you go. Secure the end with tape. To distinguish a handful of pails, pick the egg-hunter's favorite color for their personal pail.

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