Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets

Our Easter egg dyeing and basket decorating ideas offer countless crafts projects for the holiday. Welcome Easter morning with our easy Easter basket ideas, which include pretty floral tins, Easter baskets assembled from paper, and more. You can even make Easter baskets that will last from year to year by recycling household food tubs and see-through zippered bags. If you're not sure what to put into your Easter baskets, check out our list of creative and traditional Easter basket fillers. For simple Easter egg dyeing ideas, check out our recipes for natural Easter egg dye. Fruits and veggies mix with white vinegar to make pretty hues, such as orange and lavender -- and the natural ingredients make the dyed eggs safe to eat once Easter is over. (Follow these Easter egg safety tips if you plan on eating your decorated eggs this year.) Finally, add fun flair to eggs with our pretty ways to dye Easter eggs, which include an array of ideas including using origami paper flower designs and paint, and stickers as silhouette stencils.


Easter Basket Inspiration
Pretty Easter Baskets and Bags

Put all your eggs in one basket -- a cute one! Our ideas vary in difficulty, but all are adorable.

30+ Things to Put in an Easter Basket

There are chocolate bunnies, sure, but this basket-filling list includes creative noncandy ideas, too!

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Print these pages and tuck them in your Easter baskets for a free filler! Bonus: They double as place mats.

All About Eggs
How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Start an Easter tradition with these clever egg hiding and hunting tricks.

Must Read: Easter Egg Safety

How long can a hard-boiled egg stay hidden? Get the answers you need.

How to Blow Out Eggs

Eggs last longer when you empty them. Get our three steps for the technique.

Pretty Ways to Decorate with Eggs

Rethink your dozen. Turn the holiday staple into the center of your decor.

Everything in Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets
Easter Baskets
  • Easy Easter Baskets

    From big tubs to simple paper baskets, you're sure to find an Easter basket design that your kids will love.

Easter Eggs
  • Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

    Here are our top 15 ways to decorate your Easter eggs. Hop to it!

  • All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

    Use household ingredients to create beautifully subdued spring shades to dye your Easter eggs.

  • Easter Egg Safety

    Here are quick tips to make sure it's safe to eat.

  • How to Blow Out Eggs

    Expand your design and crafting possibilities when you empty your eggs. Learn the best way to blow out Easter eggs.

  • Jeweled Eggs Project

    These papier-mache eggs are encrusted with colorful glass beads that sparkle as a centerpiece or home decor.

  • Polka-Dot Eggs

    Keep the kitchen mess-free when you decorate your Easter eggs using colorful stickers.

  • Thread Eggs

    Thread Easter eggs are a classic way to decorate a spring tree or the center of your holiday table.


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