Easy Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings

These beautiful Easter-inspired centerpieces and table settings are perfect for any spring get-together. Mix-and-match our creative ideas for your Easter table or use them as inspiration to create your own display.

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Red-and-blue Easter table setting
Red-and-Blue Easter Table Setting

    This red-and-blue color combo works well for an Easter table when a red dyed egg and tulip are placed at each table setting. A solid blue plate between two patterned red plates makes the setting pop. If you like, switch out the place card with a monogrammed hard-boiled egg to make the table even more festive.

    Editor's Tip: To dye your Easter eggs a bright shade of red, use a few ingredients to make your own natural dye. Roughly chop a few beets (about 3/4 pound) and combine them with a quart of water, a tablespoon of vinegar, and a tablespoon of salt in a saucepan. Bring the ingredients to a boil; cover and simmer for 30 miuntes. Strain and reserve the liquid for your dye.

Pastel Flower Bouquet with Eggs

    Bring Easter to your table with this dazzling flower-and-egg centerpiece. Place a clear drinking glass or thin vase in the center of a large-mouth jar or canister, and stack eggs between the glass and the jar. Fill the glass with water. Arrange flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinth, and bells of Ireland).

Tiered Easter Egg Centerpiece

    A two-tier dish with Easter egg-filled nests creates a pretty (and easy to make) centerpiece for your table. Complement the bold colors of the centerpiece with single-color name cards and napkins with an Easter egg pattern.

Grass-and-Egg Easter Table Setting

    This fun Easter place setting incorporates everything spring: pastel colors on the egg name card, Easter candy, and artificial grass. Put everything on a bright blue plate and pair with a rickrack-edged napkin on top of a yellow gingham tablecloth to complete the look.

Flower Centerpiece with Asparagus

    Create a fresh spring bouquet by bundling asparagus stalks around a vase holding pink roses. Place the bouquet in a white dish to form an easy centerpiece. Add to the table decor with a bundle of four asparagus stalks at each place setting that can be used to hold name cards.

Pretty Spring Table Setting

    This pastel pink-and-blue color scheme is perfect for a pretty Easter table setting. To achieve this look, accent vases and place settings with paper butterflies (find similar ones at crafts or scrapbooking stores) or other symbols that represent spring, such as birds or eggs. Fill small dishes with pink jelly beans and arrange pink napkins on blue plates. Pink hydrangea in a square vase makes for a great centerpiece.

Easter Daffodil Place Setting

    To make this pretty place setting, fold a napkin into quarters and pinch the center to form a point. Put the pointed end into a glass, and set a daffodil stem in a florist's tube inside the napkin. Pull the napkin's corners down to look like leaves.

Blue Easter Table Runner

    Give your Easter table a pop of spring color with this table runner centerpiece. Place white flowers in small footed dishes, and then add decorated eggs and festive candy to the arrangements. To finish the fresh spring look, hot-glue faux butterflies to branches placed around the dishes.

Painted Easter Egg Table Setting

    Mark everyone's place at the Easter table with a hard-boiled egg sporting a painted monogram. Place the egg with a sprig of white flowers on top of a colored napkin to achieve this pretty, sophisticated look.

Easter Egg Table Garland

    Create this pretty blue-and-green Easter egg garland by stringing together about three dozen dyed blown-out eggs. To blow out an egg, use a pushpin to put a hole in each end. Gently push a wooden skewer through one end to enlarge the hole and break the yolk. Blow into the smaller hole to push out all the yolk and white. Use a bead-making needle threaded with a narrow ribbon to connect the eggs to display on your dining table for Easter.

Easter Grass-and-Eggs Centerpiece

    Create a beautiful Easter centerpiece in minutes with a footed bowl filled with Easter grass, dyed eggs, and egg-shape candy. The centerpiece will give your dining table a soft spring look.

Pink-and-Green Easter Table Setting

    This fun pink-and-green table setting just looks like spring. Pretty floral dishes are cute and whimsical on a patterned tablecloth, while light green vases, a pink drink, and a tiny flirty umbrella add charm within the color scheme.

White-and-Yellow Floral Centerpieces

    Decorative take-out boxes (available at craft stores) serve as the bases of these floral spring decorations. Yellow tulips and simple white flowers come together in the easy-yet-elegant Easter display.

Blue-and-Pink Easter Table Setting

    A blue-and-pink color scheme comes into play with this Easter table setting. A blue ribbon with a "Happy Spring" tag ties up the napkin, while a stamped piece of pink cardstock adds a formal touch. Easter-appropriate salt and pepper shakers make an appearance while a hard-boiled egg serves as a monogrammed place card.

Purple-and-Pink Easter Table Setting

    Purple, sliver, and pink colors come together to create this Easter table setting. A green pitcher serves as a perfect vase while simple touches such as ornate silverware, a silver pail, and a miniature watering can complete the spring look.

Silver Easter Basket Centerpiece

    All it takes is some silver spray paint, colorful Easter grass, and a few dyed eggs to make this elegant and easy Easter basket centerpiece. Experiment with different metallic and pastel colors to create a color combo that complements your table setting.

Green-and-Purple Easter Table

    Deck your Easter table in this purple-and-green color scheme that includes an abundance of fresh accents, perfect for spring. Embellish white napkins with an attractive vegetable, such as a radish or a carrot, and tie it in place with twine or raffia. Fill a vase with fresh flowers, or put potted flowering plants on the table for an easier decoration. For a simple centerpiece, place brown and white hard-boiled eggs on top of lettuce or cabbage leaves inside a china compote. Vary the look by using decorated eggs and other greenery or even foil-covered chocolate eggs.

Large Easter Flower Centerpiece

    To create a large floral centerpiece for your Easter table, carefully crumple chicken wire into a loose ball, fit it inside a vase, and poke the flowers, stem by stem, through the holes in the wire. For maximum impact and the most natural look, gather the blooms into clusters of like flowers. Search for creative Easter containers to house your flower creations.

    Though the flowers in this stunning centerpiece, including hydrangea, larkspur, roses, and sword ferns, come from a florist, you could substitute garden flowers or blossoms from flowering shrubs.

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