Make a Pretty Pastel Papercast Card

Pastel cards are welcome reminders that spring has sprung.

What You Need

Blue Plaid Easter card

  • Bathroom tissue
  • Rubber stamp with simple design (Easter Egg stamp by DeNami K26)
  • A dry towel
  • Pearl Ex, colored chalk, stencil paint, or other dry or semi-dry pigmented mediums
  • Assorted card stock and papers in pastel colors
  • Double-sided tape or foam tape
  • Assorted ribbon

Make the Papercast

  1. Tear off and fold the bathroom issue to make a stack of 10 squares. More or fewer squares may be used depending on the thickness of your paper and how thick you want the papercast to be. Moisten the paper in the sink, gently pressing out excess water against the side of the sink.
  2. Place a clean rubber stamp face up on your work space. Press the wet paper directly onto the stamp, using your fingers to push the paper into the details.
  3. While the paper is wet, tear the sides to form deckle edges; the side of the stamp serves as a straightedge.
  4. Using a dry towel, press more excess water from the paper, moving to a dry section of the towel when one section becomes too damp to absorb. Remove the papercast image carefully from the surface of the stamp and set it aside to dry.
  5. When dry, color the image with Pearl Ex, colored chalk, stencil paint, or other mediums.
  6. Use the entire papercast on your card, or cut it apart to make smaller images. A dry edge may be torn again by moistening the paper with a wet paintbrush before tearing off another small strip.
  7. Mount the papercast on the card with double-sided tape or foam tape, but never with wet glue, which may cause the layers to separate.

Make the Card

  1. Cut a rectangle of card stock; place a straightedge in the center, align the corners, and fold the paper to make a card.
  2. Cut smaller pieces of coordinating papers and secure them to the card stock with double-sided tape (or use foam tape to add dimension).
  3. Attach the papercast image with more tape.
  4. Embellish the card with ribbon, if desired.