Delicious Cakes

Start with a purchased or homemade frosted cake -- it can be a plain layer cake or a cheesecake -- and add just a few frills. You'll be surprised how easy it is to make a dazzling impression.

Go Dotty

Go Dotty Surprise Mom with a polka-dotted

Pretty-in-pink candy wafers add a fun flash of color. Press them gently into the frosting to make a random pattern, or lay them out in a decorative grid. Not crazy about pink? Use the colors that suit your fancy.

Berry Nice

Add your Mom's favorite berries
to this scrumptious dessert.

Drizzle the cake top with a thin layer of your favorite raspberry or strawberry ice cream topping. Then pile on a casual heap of fresh raspberries or strawberries, and accent with a mint leaf or two.

Petal Power

Pansies and roses are great
flowers to add to this cake.

A fragrant pile of purchased edible flower petals, such as rose or marigold, instantly brings a plain cake to the height of refinement. Use gently washed (and dried) purchased edible flowers or organically grown flowers.

Sweet Hearts

Use a flower stencil to add a spring
touch to this cake.

Place a stencil on top of your cake. Shake colored sugar on top. Carefully lift off the stencil. Repeat with a second color, if desired. (Make your own stencils by cutting hearts or other shapes from parchment paper.)