Decoupage Flowerpot

Gardeners will love this flowerpot whether it's outside in the garden or inside on the windowsill.

What You Need:

Decoupage Flower Pot
Bright flowers look best
with the colorful seed packets.


Step 2

1. Cut out the seed packet fronts, emptying the seeds into separate labeled plastic bags, if necessary. Trim the edges of the seed packets with decorative-edged scissors, if desired. 2. Arrange the seed packets on the pot, overlapping and cutting tops and bottoms as needed. Paint back of seed packets with the decoupage medium and press to the surface of the pot. When all of the packets are attached to the pot, coat the entire outside of the pot with the decoupage medium and let dry. 3. Attach sunflower seeds, arranged like flower petals, onto the pot as desired using decoupage medium as the glue. When dry, give the entire outside of the pot one more coat of decoupage medium. Allow to dry.


Step 3

  • Try this same technique using postcards, old stamps, or pieces cut from greeting cards.
  • This decoupaged flowerpot does double duty as a holder for garden markers, seed packets, or small hand tools.