100 Days of Holidays

Our Best Christmas Candy

These gorgeous Christmas candies are perfect to give as party favors or special holiday food gifts. Whether you prefer light-as-air truffles, hard candy, over-the-top fudge, chewy caramels, or sweet gumdrops, this is your one-stop shop for delicious candy recipes.


Countdown to Christmas
Traditional Christmas Dinners

Why mess with deliciousness? When it comes to December 25, we know what to put in the dinner spread.

FREE Printable Gift Wrap

Gifts get cozy. Free printables (in 11x17-and 8.5x11-inch sizes) make your wrapping part of the conversation.

Winter Party Appetizers

Whether Christmas or New Years, these winter-in-mind noshes satisfy guests on a blustery evening.

Cookie Inspiration

Cookies make a great last-minute gift for neighbors, coworkers, or hosts. Browse our time-tested recipes for peppermint bites, sugared cutouts, filled macaroons, and crisp shortbreads. Don't forget to leave a plate for Santa!

Outstanding Ornament Inspiration
Beautiful Handmade Ornaments

Create handmade ornaments to give as gifts, to fill a special tree, or as a way to spend time crafting with loved ones. Browse our top inspiration.

Decorating with Ornaments

Why should the tree have all the fun? Ornaments are the workhorses of Christmas: transformed into wreaths, table settings, centerpieces, and garlands.

Easy Christmas Ornaments

When you need to make ornaments en masse or want a simple solution to decorating your tree, a few easy-to-make ornaments are just the ticket.


Celebrate the holidays with Better Homes and Gardens! Starting with New Year's parties and appetizers, pretty Valentine's Day cards, Easter egg decorating ideas, and Fourth of July crafts, we help you enjoy the holiday festivities. When it comes to Halloween, we've collected the best pumpkin stencils, the tastiest Halloween treats, the spookiest decorations, and the silliest costumes for trick-or-treating. At Thanksgiving, look to us to provide a delicious menu featuring traditional Thanksgiving turkey, plus make-ahead appetizers, homemade pies, and tasty side dishes. We also have great Thanksgiving centerpieces and decorating ideas. At Christmas, you'll find handmade ornaments, Christmas cookies, Christmas tree decorating ideas, carols, and great crafts for you and your kids. At Better Homes and Gardens, we love the holidays!

Top Stories in Holidays
New Year's
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
4th of July



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