Copper Punch

Shimmering copper embossed with a snowflake warms up a window box.
What You Need:

  • Window box
  • Copper sheeting
  • Copper nails
  • C-5 light fixture with electrical cord and clear bulb
  • Staples
  • Sand or soil
  • Preserved evergreen shrubs of various sizes
  • Foam sheets or blocks (optional)
  • Copper-color spray paint
  • Glue sticks
  • Small wooden stars or other ornaments in wintry shapes
  • Sheet moss


1. Carefully measure the front panel and two side panels of your window box, adding 2 inches to the length of each side panel to allow room for the light fixture. Add another 1-2 inches to the top and bottom of each panel measurement for end caps, which will be folded over and nailed into the window box so there are no sharp metal edges. Ask a metal fabricator to make three copper sheeting panels (one for the front and one for each side) to fit your measurements.

2. Use a photocopier to enlarge the snowflake pattern onto white paper to desired size. Measure and mark with pencil on the pattern where punch holes should be loaded. With masking tape, attach the pattern to the front copper panel, then punch holes at each mark using the metal punch and mallet. Punch nail holes into the corners of end caps, fold the tops and bottoms of the two side panels over the window box, and nail through the punched holes to secure.

3. Place the light fixture so that it will be visible behind the punched design of the front cover, and run the cord under the box to an electrical outlet. -Carefully staple around the cord to hold it in place, but do not staple through the cord. Leaving 2 inches of space between the window box and the front copper panel, fold the end caps over the box, and nail through the punched holes to secure.

4. Spray-paint the wooden ornaments with copper-color paint; let dry. Hot-glue the ornaments to the preserved evergreen shrubs as decorations.

5. If the evergreens come in pots, simply arrange them in the empty window box, using foam sheets or blocks to prop them up. Or, fill the window box with sand or soil, then place the evergreens in the box as desired. Mounds of sheet moss around evergreen shrubs create a finished look.