Classic Dinner

This tasty combination will satisfy all of your Easter dinner guests.

Easter Glazed Ham (shown) Even more traditional than donning bonnets on Easter Sunday is serving baked ham for the holiday dinner. This ritual started long ago, when families celebrated Easter with a platter of the prized ham that symbolized spring.


Mint-Rubbed Leg of Lamb Though lamb is often paired with mint jelly, this roasted leg lets you leave the jelly jar in the pantry. Serve the roast medium-rare to medium, in its own juices, with a simple arrangement of spring vegetables.


Green Beans, Asparagus, and/or Baby Carrots

Buttered New Potatoes

Orange-Pear Spinach Salad If your pears are firm, ripen them at room temperature in a paper bag until they yield to gentle pressure.


Parmesan Cheese Crescents After removing a dinner roast from the oven, cover and keep the meat warm. Increase the oven temperature and bake these light and flaky rolls.


Strawberry-White-Chocolate Dessert Classic charlotte russe gets an update with espresso, white chocolate, and strawberries.


Coffee, Tea, Milk