Christmas Music Caddy

Keep Christmas CDs organized in this decoupaged box that jingles all the way.

What You Need:

Christmas Music Caddy Keep seasonal tunes close at hand.

  • Black and white photocopies of old Christmas sheet music
  • Decorative-edge scissors
  • Decoupage medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood compact disc holder
  • 1/4-inch red cord
  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
  • Medium-gauge silver wire
  • 2 medium silver jingle bells
  • 4 large silver jingle bells


Christmas Music Caddy Instructional 1 Step 1

1. Trim the photocopies of sheet music. Use decorative-edge scissors for an uneven effect. Decide arrangement of sheet music on CD holder, trimming sheet music as needed.

Christmas Music Caddy Instructional Shot 2 Step 2.

2. Apply sheet music to box. Paint the back of the music with decoupage medium. Position on box and paint the front with decoupage medium. Be sure the top edge of the box is covered with sheet music. Continue adding pieces in this manner until the entire box is covered with sheet music. Let dry and paint on an additional coat of decoupage medium. Let dry.

3. Measure the top edges of the box. Add 10 inches to the measurement and cut cord to this length. Glue cord around the top edges of the box, leaving equal tails at one corner. Knot cord at corner and glue in place.

4. Cut two 10-inch pieces of wire. Thread a medium jingle bell on each piece of wire. Twist once to secure the jingle bell in the center of the wire. Tightly wrap the wires around the ends of the cord.

5. Glue a large jingle bell in each corner of the box bottom. Let dry.

More Ideas:

  • To store children's music, cover the box with photocopies of old nursery rhymes and use wood blocks for the legs.
  • Make a larger version of this box to hold Christmas cards.