Building Kwanzaa Traditions Online

Whether you're decorating your home or preparing holiday meals, we found sites with a great selection.
Fabulous Food

Traditionally served on December 31, the Karamu, or Kwanzaa feast, is a glorious celebration of cultural heritage with African foods and the fruits of the harvest. Use your creativity to start your own holiday traditions with these amazing culinary delights. Teach the children the principle of Ujima, collective responsibility, as you cook grains and yams direct from Africa. In the light of the kinara, the candelabra, surrounded by family and friends, you will feel the unity as you share the bounty of Kwanzaa goodies we have found for you. does not endorse the sites listed below, nor have we vetted their service capabilities.

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Turn to for
traditional fare.

Looking for a taste of the motherland? Join the club (membership is free) and browse here for certified organic West African food. Teach the children to appreciate authentic African flavors like Pepper Soup Seasoning ($4.99 for 4 oz.) or Bonga Fish ($5.99 for 8 oz.).

Mekonen Foods

This site specializes in foods for traditional Afro-Caribbean family recipes. Season like the ancestors with the Berbere spice mix ($4.30 for 681 grams), a staple of East African and Ethiopian cuisines.

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Stock up on Sylvia's products at

Go to the Specialty Pantry section to revel in Sylvia's Soul Foods, from the famous Harlem restaurateur. A sweet accompaniment to any meal, Sylvia's Yams in Light Syrup ($.99 for a 15oz. can) is sure to become part of a delicious family tradition.

Earthy Delights

Here you'll find a great international selection of fine food. Add authentic flavor to your feast with millet ($5.90 for 2 lbs) or teff ($8.50 for 2 lbs), grains imported from Africa. Delicious and healthy, the dried mango (up to $6.90 per lb) is a real treat.

Order up sweet nougat

Discerning chefs can choose from cuisines around the world at this site. Spice up your Karamu feast with Ukuva Zulu fire sauce ($15.59 per bottle) or soothe your palate with South African nougat with cashews ($7.99 per 5.7-ounce bag)-made entirely by hand.

Aliza's Gourmet Cookies

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Try some Chocolate Mocha cookies
from Aliza's.

An African-American owned and operated company, Aliza's packages its goodies in decorative tins that celebrate African culture. Perfect with after-dinner coffee or as a well-deserved snack, you will enjoy every crunchy crumb of the Chocolate Mocha cookies ($10 for 4 oz.).

Far Away Foods

The temptations from around the globe at this site include three unique African sugars ($4.50) from the Island of Mauritius to sweeten your holiday

Southern Foods

From prepared foods to vegetables, this site offers you the same high quality frozen food they supply to fine restaurants. Great deals include turnip greens ($.91, 10 oz. box), corn on the cob ($2.74, 2lbs.), breaded Okra ($1.83, 16 oz. bag), and blackeyed peas ($.91, 16 oz. box).

Harry and David

Kwanzaa means "first fruits of the harvest" and these are harvested at the peak of their perfection. Everyone will enjoy sharing the bounteous Small Exotic fruit basket ($59.95) overflowing with Passion Fruit, mangoes and more.

Peet's Coffee & Tea
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Enjoy the exotic brews at Peet's
Coffee & Tea.

For your sipping pleasure, whether you prefer beans or leaves, Peet's has the brew for you. After feasting, you and your guests can relax with gourmet coffee from Kenya ($13.95 lb), cultivated in the Nyeri region on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Dunkin' Donuts

Be a hit at any holiday party this season when you present the host with a pound of rich, ready-to-brew coffee. A pound of Dunkin' Donuts' Original Blend ($6.99) or one of many flavored varieties ($7.99) makes a perfect gift for any java fan. The site also includes gift ideas, such as coffee brewing accessories and gift packs, for other coffee lovers in your life.

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