Beaded Settings

Set your New Year's Eve party apart from the crowd with glass-bead enhanced dinnerware, napkin rings, and a candleholder.
Jeweled Dinnerware Set

Use multicolored glass nuggets to make chargers sparkle like jewels. Use similar colors for each place setting, or give each one a different shade.

What You Need:

(for each place setting)

Party of the Century Place Setting Jeweled Dinnerware, Beaded
Napkin Ring and Beaded

  • Blue glass charger plate with a flat smooth rim
  • Cobalt blue dinner plate
  • Clear glass salad plate
  • Cobalt blue water goblet
  • Clear glass Champagne flute
  • Krylon Silver Leafing Pen or fine-tipped paintbrush and glassware paint (in silver), available at crafts stores
  • Natural sea sponge
  • Glass-etching cream (3 ounces will etch two complete sets)
  • 1 pair of heavy rubber gloves
  • 20 to 25 glass nuggets in various colors
  • Glass mosaic laminating glue


1. Clean glassware. Wash all glassware in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. Wipe all surfaces with a lint-free cloth and vinegar to remove any soap or fingerprints; let dry.

2. Paint the year on the flute. Using the silver pen, write the new year on the bowl of the flute. Allow the paint to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

3. Etch the dinner plate. Sponge etching cream onto the outer rim of the dinner plate, letting some shiny glass show through. Vary the thickness of the etching cream on the glass. Leave the cream on according to the manufacturer's directions.

4. Remove etching cream. Wearing rubber gloves, wash the etching cream away in warm water.

5. Etch other glassware. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to etch the back of the plate, the salad plate, the bowl of the goblet, and the bowl of the flute (avoiding the area with the writing).

6. Decorate the charger. Randomly arrange the glass nuggets around the outer rim of the charger plate, making sure they do not extend beyond the outer edge or so far in that they interfere with the dinner plate. One at a time, place a small dot of glue under each nugget and press it in place until the nugget is secure. Let dry for 24 hours.

7. To clean these dishes, we recommend washing them by hand. Take care not to scratch the silver writing on the flutes.

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