Cool Blue and White Decorations for the Holidays

Bring cool blues and white indoors to create a holiday scene as refreshing as a walk in the snow.

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  • Delicate Ornament Wreath

    This intricate-looking wreath is surprisingly simple to make. Here's how:
    -- Wrap a plastic foam wreath with white or pale blue ribbon.
    -- Hot-glue glass ornaments to cover the wreath, starting with the larger balls and layering smaller ones to fill the gaps.

    Editor's Tip: Select an assortment of colors, textures, and sheens for the most interesting effect.

  • Card-Display Board

    The annual flurry of Christmas cards looks lovely displayed on this memory board. Here's how to make it:
    -- Start with an inexpensive framed bulletin board.
    -- Paint the frame, and apply a diluted wash in varying shades of blue, mixed with luminescent embossing powder.
    -- Stretch quilted fabric over the cork and staple onto the back. Create a grid of ribbon; attached with pins at the ends and wherever ribbons cross.

  • True-Blue Stocking

    This stocking takes on a mod flair with a ruff of soft white faux fur and a star made from icy-white beads.

  • Beaded Table Runner

    Set the mood for the holidays with a pretty table runner that you can make in a snap. Here's how to do it:
    -- Start with a ready-made runner -- this one is white fabric edged with a generous band of shiny blue.
    -- At each end, tack on a length of sparkly beading (available at crafts or fabric stores) to add a dressy holiday finish.

  • Snowflake Gift Toppers

    Top holiday packages with snowflake ornaments for a festive touch in cool colors.


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