Smart eating made simple

Forget everything you know about fussy meal plans, calorie counting, and deprivation. Building a healthy diet is as easy as tucking a few surefire strategies in your toolkit.
A practical approach
Waffle cone with vegetables

Read enough health and nutrition headlines, and you get the impression that Americans can't do anything right. Two-thirds of us are overweight, experts are quick to point out. We eat too much of the wrong foods, far too often. To hear some people tell it, we're hopeless.

But is it fair to place all this blame on ourselves? Just consider the confusing and downright dubious food advice we've heard over the years: Avoid carbs at all costs. Stop eating by 7:00 p.m. sharp. Have one meal a day. Have zero meals a day and drink smoothies instead. No wonder so many of us are struggling. Even if you forgo the fads and aim for a moderate diet filled with fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains, life can get in the way. Maybe you venture to a restaurant and eat more than you planned. Maybe your family balks at the healthy meals you prepare at home. Maybe in your weekly sprint through the supermarket you find yourself making less-than-perfect choices. Clearly, we Americans need a get-real game plan that addresses the dietary challenges we face in all these domains.

So Better Homes and Gardens called together a panel of nationally recognized experts in cooking, nutrition, health, and human behavior to create the ultimate guide to eating right. Go ahead and dig in -- it's surprisingly easy to stomach.

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