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Choosing a Toothpaste

Before you buy your next tube, find out if there's a "perfect" paste for your family.

Curbing the Craving to Smoke

Get expert advice to help you stop smoking now.

Health Tips

Get our best advice for maintaining good health.

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  • Cigars: A Killer Trend

    Cigars may be hip today, but they're just as dangerous as cigarettes.

  • Curbing the Craving to Smoke

    Kelly Anne Spratt, D.O., Director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at the University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian M...

  • Ready to Quit Smoking

    Kelly Anne Spratt, D.O., Director of Women's Cardiovascular Health at the University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian M...

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summer & winter safety tips
  • How to Stay Healthy This Winter

    It's the most wonderful time of the year—until it isn't. Here's how to troubleshoot sniffles, holiday stress, and o...

  • Summer Health Handbook

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, it is. Turns out the sand is what'll get you. Presenting...

  • How to Stop Winter Nosebleeds

    Here's how to prevent and stop nosebleeds caused by dry indoor air.

  • Winter Sun Can Scorch

    Here's how to protect your family from winter sunburn.

  • Boost Your Health This Summer

    Summer is the perfect season for self-improvement. Read on to see how warm weather activities can rev your health—m...

  • Frostbite Facts

    Recognizing and preventing this winter malady.

  • Heatproof Your Home

    Your house is a safe haven, but it can also be a dangerous place: On average, 54 percent of heat-related deaths occ...

  • 6 Winter Wellness Myths, Revealed!

    This season, there's no need to worry over these old chestnuts. The truth will set you free -- and might just make...

  • Heat Safety Tips

    Every summer, soaring temperatures sideline thousands of people at home, on vacation, and in the backyard. Keep you...

  • Symptoms of Overheating

    It's a perilous conundrum: Those in greatest danger— children, pets, and the elderly—are also the least able to spe...

  • Summer Skin

    Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of sun exposure.

  • 7 Tips for Staying Safe in Storms

    Lightning and flash floods injure hundreds of Americans every summer. Here, 7 ways to reduce your risk.

  • Safe Mosquito Repellents for Kids
  • Warm Up Fast

    Whether you've turned down the thermostat to save money or have just come in from the frigid outdoors, you need fas...

  • Protect Kids from Frostbite

    Can you spot the signs of frostbite? Here's what to know to keep your family safe and happy this winter.

  • Snowboard Safety

    Tips for having fun, not fractures, for participants of this increasingly popular winter sport.

  • Wood-Burning Stove Safety

    Megan T. Sandel, specialist in healthy housing and teen health at Boston Medical Center and Children's Hospital, sh...


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