Easy Fall Tailgating Picnic

Our ideas for keeping this party simple, portable, and easy to clean up will help you focus on what tailgating is all about: good friends enjoying the great outdoors together.

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Healthy Dinners for Fall

These warm and healthy recipes are perfect for the crisp fall weather. We've collected our favorite fall recipes, including soups, stews, casseroles, savory steak, pork, pasta, and chicken recipes, so your menu is full of healthy dinner options.

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Enjoying Fall Color

If you've let the Sunday drive fall by the wayside, there's no time like autumn to resurrect a great family tradition.

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Lose Weight the Mediterranean Way

Evidence shows that a healthful way to fill your plate is Mediterranean style, culled from the ancient cultures that ring the Mediterranean Sea.

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12 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Kick-start your metabolism to help you lose weight with our easy and effective tips.

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Adult Allergies

First-time allergies in adults are on the rise -- and they often don't go away like the ones you get as a kid. Here, how to find sweet relief.

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Improve Your Home's Air Quality

You know that air pollution is bad for the planet. But what's happening to the air inside your home?

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Reunion Timeline

No matter what size your reunion will be, our sample timeline will guide you in planning a seamless event.

It's never too early to start planning.

Family reunions come in all forms and sizes. One thing they share is that they all require advance planning. In fact, some families need to plan one to two years ahead, depending on the size of the clan and distances people need to travel. The more organized you are, the more smoothly things will run. One rule of thumb: After choosing a date, be prompt in reserving the site. After that, all other elements should fall into place.

Thinking of planning a reunion? Consult our suggested timeline and tailor it to your individual needs.

2 Years to 18 Months Ahead*

  • Get family consensus to go ahead with reunion plans.
  • Form a committee to come up with a list of possible dates and locations.
  • Scout out possible sites.
  • Put together a mailing/phone/e-mail list.

*Note: This much time is generally required for larger reunions or for those in which family members are scattered around the globe. For smaller reunions, such as backyard barbecues, you could condense the timeline and start planning about 6 months ahead.

18 to 12 Months Ahead

  • Send out an initial mailing announcing the reunion and a tentative time and place. Ask family members to respond if they may be coming, so you can get a rough estimate of attendees.
  • Determine the budget. Arrive at a comfortable sum for the vast majority of family members.
  • Set a date.

12 to 9 Months Ahead

  • If booking a hotel, resort, or similar facility, reserve location or block of rooms.
  • Organize committees for entertainment/events, banquet, food, child care, games, etc.

9 to 6 Months Ahead

  • If planning a reunion in a park, reserve space and shelter (if necessary).
  • Plan reunion schedule and daily activities (programs, speakers, awards ceremony, tours, etc.).
  • Send out a second mailing announcing the (finalized) time and place of the reunion, accommodations, types of activities, budget, registration forms (if needed), and a call for volunteers.
  • Make banquet or other catering arrangements for large events.
  • Contact a photographer (or delegate a family member as official photographer).

5 Months Ahead

  • This is good "in-between" time to relax. Get a massage.
  • Stomp out fires when necessary (e.g., Aunt Joy was accidentally left off the invitation list. Send invitation quickly!).

4 Months Ahead

  • Design and order family T-shirts, hats, or other keepsakes.

Party Favor Ideas

  • Confirm reservations, entertainment, photographer, caterer, etc.
  • Select decorations, particularly those that require professional printing (such as banners).
  • Calculate loaner or rental needs (e.g., chairs, tables, coolers, etc.). Reserve.
  • Reserve a tent for outdoor activities (if necessary).

2 Months Ahead

  • Send out follow-up postcard/reminder.
  • Draw up list of attendees; make follow-up calls.
  • Enlist volunteers for set up, clean up, etc. (for whatever events require them).
  • Prepare programs and schedules.

1 Month Ahead

Buy (or assign a volunteer to buy) nonperishable items (e.g., name tags, raffle tickets, craft supplies, decorations, etc.). For picnics and barbecues, be certain to include paper goods, trash bags, etc.

For picnics and barbecues, decide on menu. Divvy up potluck assignments.

2 Weeks Ahead

  • Make a checklist. Include list of volunteers and their assignments.
  • Check in with volunteers and review final details.
  • Confirm reunion arrangements with the facility.

1 Week Ahead

  • Load up cameras and camcorders with film/tape/batteries.
  • Assemble welcome packets, name tags, etc.
  • Family "chefs" should shop for ingredients and start cooking.
  • Pick up or have "loaners" (chairs, coolers, etc.) delivered. Arrange for tent to be set up.

Reunion Days(s)

  • Double-check your checklist. Organize volunteers.
  • Enjoy yourself!


  • Pat yourself on the back, relax, and enjoy the leftovers.
  • Complete bookkeeping; settle accounts.
  • Call or write volunteers to thank them for their efforts.
  • Send thank-you notes to the location manager, caterer, hotel staff, and others if you're happy with the services provided.
  • Send follow-up mailing/newsletter to entire family, including those who could not attend, describing the events of the weekend.
  • Reflect and evaluate for the next reunion: What worked? What didn't?
  • Start planning your next reunion.

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