Selecting a Vet

Take time to choose your vet carefully. You will rely on his or her expertise for many years to come.
Get References
For your dog's best health,
choose the vet you'll be most
comfortable working with.

You and your vet are your dog's health care team; you observe and report, your vet diagnoses and treats. Your veterinarian will arrange a schedule of vaccinations and regular check-ups, maintain a medical history of your dog, and provide preventive, critical, and emergency care. Your partnership with your vet will be a long-term relationship. Working together, you and your vet can help your dog have a healthy, happy life.

Start your search by asking people you know for recommendations. Turn to:

  • your breeder, friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors who have dogs.
  • your local kennel club, your local or state veterinary association.
  • your local yellow pages.

Ask fellow dog owners:

  • Are you happy with your vet?
  • What is the name of your vet?
  • Why did you choose this vet?
  • Can you tell me about a specific situation and why you feel your vet handled it well?

Compile a list of at least six vets to check out.

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