Is a Cat for You?

Consider your family's lifestyle carefully before deciding to bring a cat onto the scene.
A Popular Pet Choice
5 kittens posing, various colors Cats are generally quiet and clean
household companions.

Cats are increasingly popular family pets, and it's easy to see why. Besides being intelligent and entertaining, they are small, adaptable, and tidy. Cats also fit in well with the busy lifestyle of today's families: They don't need to be walked, and depend less heavily on human company than dogs do. They can nap contentedly while you're at work and the kids are at school, then come alive at dinnertime and playtime.

Here are some of the practical pluses that make cats an attractive pet choice for many people:

  • They are scrupulously clean and odor-free -- if in good health.
  • They can be left alone overnight or for a weekend if you set out extra food and water.
  • They are quiet pets, and unlikely to disturb the neighbors.
  • They require little living space to be comfortable and can get sufficient exercise indoors.

These qualities, along with their independent nature, make cats less reliant on their owners than many other pets. This makes them a particularly good choice for anyone who:

  • Works long hours
  • Has limited mobility due to age or physical condition
  • Lacks the time, energy, or desire to go outside several times a day

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