Everything you need to know about cats -- from food and grooming to behavior.

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More About Cats
Is a Cat for You?

What to consider before deciding to bring a cat into your family.

Choosing a Vet

Find a vet who will keep your pet healthy for years to come.

Everything in Cats Cat Behavior & Diet
  • Bad Kitty!

    Advice on what to do about spraying, litter-box avoidance, scratching and biting, begging for food, and jumping on tables.

  • Cat Talk 101

    How cats express their moods and communicate with people.

  • Cats on the Go

    Hello, kitty! Here's a cat-alog of advice on feline travel, including boarding or pet-sitting services for the stay-at-home cat.

  • Feeding Your Cat

    Guidelines for what, when, and how to feed cats and kittens.

  • Litter-Box Basics

    Tips on training kittens to use a litter box.

Getting a Cat Grooming
  • Choosing a Groomer

    Regular grooming is an important part of responsible pet care. If you could use some help bathing and brushing your pet, or trimming he...

  • Claw Care

    Learn how to trim your cat's claws, get the skinny on scratching posts, and weight the pros and cons of declawing.

  • Grooming Basics

    Cats' grooming needs are simple; here's how to establish a grooming and bathing routine.

Health Basics