When Kids Act Up

Find advice for sibling squabbles and more.


More About Discipline
Solving Sibling Squabbles

It's normal for siblings to argue and compete. Here's what do do when it goes too far.

What to Do When Good Kids Go Bad

Get expert advice on working through common behavior issues and frustrations.

Handling Bullies

Is your child being bullied? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when helping your child deal with a bully.

Everything in When Kids Act Up
Avoid Arguments
  • Avoid Arguments with Your Kids

    A simple plan for ending the cycle of feeling like the bad guy when your kids can't see your point of view.

  • Foul Word Fixes

    If a child starts to develop a trash mouth, try these tactics to stop the swearing once and for all.

  • Successful Discipline

    No discipline technique will work in the hands of a parent who lacks self-confidence.

  • When Yelling Is Worse Than Spanking

    Parents raise their voices more than they raise their hands to their kids. But some words yelled in anger can have...

Fights with Siblings
  • Solving Sibling Clashes

    Brothers bickering? Sisters squabbling? Help your children work toward peaceful resolutions, and watch the conflict...

  • Solving Sibling Squabbles

    It's normal for siblings to be competitive and have arguments. But unhealthy sibling rivalry is entirely preventabl...

  • Why Siblings Fight

    Sibling squabbles aren't always about jealousy. Here's what you can do to diffuse family tensions.

School Issues
Other Issues
  • Understanding Parental Liability

    Your child made a mistake, but you're shouldering the consequences. Keep your family out of trouble and learn liabi...

  • When Good Kids Go Bad

    BHG.com contributor John Rosemond shares his experience with a child's misbehavior, and his advice.


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