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Get through those rough patches of adolescence.


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What to Do About Cliques

How to help your kids build the confidence to stand up to school cliques and rely on themselves.

Talking to Your Teen About Sex

It's not an easy conversation to have, but it's essential to helping your child make the right choices.

Working Teens

From an internship to a job at the mall, there are many definitions of work. If your teen wants to hold a job during the school year, use these tips as guidance.

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Teenage Challenges
Teens and Jobs
  • Is Taking Time Off After High School a Good Idea?

    Taking time off between high school and college isn't slacking. It's a time-honored way for teens to explore the wo...

  • Teens and Freedom

    Freedom helps teens learn to take care of themselves. But granting too much freedom is just as bad as giving too li...

  • Teens and Jobs

    Can kids juggle school studies and a part-time job? Here's a plan that ties grades, a job, and driving privileges i...

  • The Limits of Curfews

    It isn't early curfews that keep teens out of trouble; it's respect for parents and family.

  • When Your Teen Wants a Job

    Embarking on that first job requires dedication and responsibility. Is your teen ready?

Teens and Sex
The Teen Years


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