Hurricane Relief and Recovery Efforts

The effects of last year's hurricanes continue to be felt by the Gulf Coast residents. Here's how you can help.

Months have passed since the Gulf Coast states were devastated by last summer's hurricanes. And even though much progress has been made -- witness New Orlean's decision to hold a Mardi Gras celebration in 2006 -- many residents are still desperately in need of assistance.

The nature of the relief needed has changed since those first desperate weeks. Each community, each neighborhood has its own particular challenges to overcome. The two web sites listed below offer a wide range of charitable opportunities, from volunteer assistance to cash donations. Note: The American Red Cross announced on February 3, 2006 that it is has raised enough funds to finance its Gulf States hurricane relief efforts. Therefore, it has requested donors to consider contributions to the many other organizations that continue to hold out a helping hand to those affected by the hurricanes.

Find helping opportunities at these web sites: