Family Relationships

Build a beautiful relationship with your children to keep your family life peaceful and harmonious.


Must-Read Parenting Tips
Choose the Right Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent.

Family Tips for a Successful Summer

The school-to-summer change removes many of the routines that children rely on -- here's how to make it easier.

Lessons from Sports

Being a member of a sports team can teach your child valuable life skills

Everything in Family Relationships
Balancing Family Time
  • 7 Secrets of Highly Happy Families

    Sharing treats, a game, a joke, or just a quiet moment together can bring you closer to your kids than ever before.

  • End Errand Madness

    Make changes to your daily routine and gain more free time.

  • Family Tips for a Successful Summer

    Believe it or not, school's just about out. Hectic schedules heavy with homework and activities will soon yield to...

  • Frantic Family Syndrome

    Does everyone in your household have so many activities and commitments that you don't have time to be a family? H...

  • When Mom Goes Back to School

    Middle-aged students are going to college in record numbers, and inspiring younger classmates, including their own...

  • Writing Your Memoir

    Writing memoirs is easier than you might think -- and it's a lasting way to leave a legacy for your family and thei...

  • 7 Tips for Divorcing Parents

    No magic words can eliminate the hurt of divorce for your kids, but you can take steps to minimize the impact on th...

  • Divorce: Telling the Kids

    You and your ex-to-be should put aside your differences in order to have this important conversation with your chil...

  • The Single-Parent Trap

    Well-meaning single moms and dads often fail to understand that they can't take good care of their kids without fir...

  • Visiting the Weekend Parent

    Following a few simple rules can improve the quality of weekend visits, although hard problems will continue to ari...

Good Parenting
Helping Kids Cope
Hobbies and TV
Smoothing Tough Moments
Volunteer Ideas


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