Parenting Skills

The challenges that come with raising a child -- from toddlerhood to the teen years -- and the best way to handle them.

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Life Lessons From Sports

Use the lessons sports teach to guide your kids in the biggest challenge of all.

Family Tips for a Successful Summer

Hectic schedules heavy with homework and activities will soon yield to the more laid-back pace of summer.

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  • Beating the Bully

    What to do if your child is being bullied.

  • Committing to Commitment

    Is your child quitting an activity or sticking to it?

  • Foul Word Fixes

    If a child starts to develop a trash mouth, try these tactics to stop the swearing once and for all.

  • Fussy Eaters

    This easy-to-swallow mealtime strategy will help turn finicky kids around.

  • Kids in Public

    How to deal with your children in any public setting -- and help them learn the value of self-control at the same t...

  • Solving Sibling Clashes

    Brothers bickering? Sisters squabbling? Help your children work toward peaceful resolutions, and watch the conflict...

  • The Terrible Twos

    Two-year-olds exasperate most adults. But with a few behavior management strategies, parents can take control.

  • Too Much of a Good Thing

    Praise is an important tool for building confidence in young kids. But what's good in small doses can backfire if o...

  • When Good Kids Go Bad contributor John Rosemond shares his experience with a child's misbehavior, and his advice.

  • When Yelling Is Worse Than Spanking

    Parents raise their voices more than they raise their hands to their kids. But some words yelled in anger can have...

  • Why Siblings Fight

    Sibling squabbles aren't always about jealousy. Here's what you can do to diffuse family tensions.

  • Values Begin at Home

    Children discover parents' values by observing how you spend your most precious resources -- time and money.