Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Save money on produce.

Stretch your produce dollar with these tips from Phil Lempert, founder of


  • Bag your own. Items such as grapes and broccoli often are sold in premeasured bundles. AS a result, you can end up buying more than you'll actually eat. Instead, grab a plastic produce bag and take only what you'll use in the coming days.
  • Eat for the season. "Strawberries sold in the winter have been flown thousands of miles and consumers pay the price," Lempert says. To see what fruits and veggies are at their peak, go to and type "What's in season" in the search box.
  • Consider precut produce. Sure, you pay for the convenience of not having to slice that pineapple yourself. But you won't get stuck paying for parts you can't eat, such as the rind. Compare costs closely; precut produce might be the better deal.
  • Store it right. Wasted produce means wasted money. To slow spoilage, set your fridge temp to 40F or below. Check out more storage tips