Truth in Labeling: What Food Labels Should Really Say

We asked nutrition experts to cut through the claims and jargon and spell out what food stickers really should say—so you can shop and eat smarter.

Truth in Labeling

Truth in Labeling

Every week, we make so many decisions about food. Many of those choices occur in the supermarket—and they're not always easy.

Crunched for time and tasked with pinpointing nutritious items, avoiding empty-calorie junk, and sticking to a sensible budget, many of us would have less difficulty deciphering the federal tax code. Wouldn't it be great if groceries had stickers that stated the simple truth, so you could tell at a glance which items are a great value, which have sneaky serving sizes, and which are surprisingly nutritious?

With help from leading nutrition experts, Better Homes and Gardens® took a spin through the supermarket aisles and played label maker.