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Best New Product Awards: Food

Better Homes and Gardens has teamed up with independent market research firm BrandSpark International to tally your votes for best new products. And the picture is clear: You want products that are easy to use, help you live a healthier lifestyle, and provide good value. Here's what you said about the winners.


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    • Fruit Smoothie: Yoplait Smoothie

      You said:
      "Good to keep on hand; healthy and easy to prepare."
      "Contains live and active cultures; three flavors; extremely healthy."
      "Can choose to make whenever I want; very good product."
      "It is just like a smoothie from a shop."
      "An easy way to make a fresh smoothie at home -- all I do is add milk!"

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    • Better-for-You Snack: Kellogg's Special K Snack Crackers Multi-Grain

      You said:
      "I love these multi-grain crackers; only 90 calories in 17 crackers -- that's quite a bit of cracker with less calories."
      "It's flavorful and healthy all in one delicious cracker."

    • Cereal: Post Selects Apple Caramel Pecan Crunch Cereal

      You said:
      "I like the combination of apple, caramel, and pecan."
      "Pecans, crunch, and the healthy benefits; plus it's good to eat."

    • Cookies: Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Cookies

      You said:
      "I usually make my own dough, but having a new grandchild to watch, this has been easier for me now. Plus, I like the ingredients."
      "Easy to make; made with healthier ingredients; tastes good."

    • Deli Meat: Boar's Head EverRoast Chicken Breast

      You said:
      "It tastes fresh and light; the taste is good and flavorful; I like that it isn't spicy but flavorful; it is also moist."
      "They don't use artificial flavorings and do minimal processing; it's much more natural-tasting."

    • Fortified Water: 0 Cal SoBe Lifewater

      You said:
      "It is good for hydration and tastes great! I also like the animal that has wrapped itself around the bottle."
      "Low calorie; good flavors; natural."

    • Frozen Dessert: Edwards Singles Hot Turtle Brownie with Ice Cream

      You said:
      "Tastes delicious, and one serving size is perfect."
      "I love brownie sundaes, so the thought of being able to make one so easily is very nice. Plus, the packaging is convenient."

    • Frozen Meal: DiGiorno's Crispy Flatbread Pizza

      You said:
      "I love the combination of flavors, and I prefer a thin, crisp type of crust."
      "This is one of the only frozen pizzas that I will buy; I love that the crust gets so crispy, even on the bottom center."

    • Frozen Vegetable: Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Fresh Frozen Vegetables

      You said:
      "We like the lightly sauced feature and the Steamfresh feature; it is very easy for my husband to prepare."
      "The vegetables have just the right amount of flavorful sauce."

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      Hot Tea: Lipton Green Tea with Citrus

      You said:
      "I like the fact that citrus helps with green tea delivery to your system; the taste is also good."
      "I love the green tea with lemon because it has a very fresh and great taste."

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      Ice Cream: Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream

      You said:
      "I don't eat a lot of ice cream, but this product is very good; I like that it has fewer fat calories than regular ice cream."
      "I love the smoothness and creaminess; knowing that it has 30 percent fewer calories makes it go down even easier!"

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      Pasta Meal: Romano's Macaroni Grill Chicken Piccata with Angel Hair Pasta

      You said:
      "I like the idea that all the ingredients are included for you. I also like the fact that I can use my own chicken for the recipe."
      "It saves me from having to buy a bunch of ingredients and spend extra time cooking."

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      Sausage: Johnsonville Bold Beef Hot Links

      You said:
      "The flavor is great. They are also quick to cook up, and my boys love them."
      "It's versatile; we can add it to chili or soup and we can eat it on a hoagie with mustard for lunch!"

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      Side Dish: Old El Paso Side Dishes Fiesta Rice

      You said:
      "It's quick and convenient to prepare, and it goes with almost any type of Mexican food."
      "You can cook it in the pouch, so there are no dirty pans; easy to pack in a lunch for work; good combination of flavors."

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      Snack Bar: Quaker True Delights Granola Bar

      You said:
      "These are absolutely delicious. I love the combination of dark chocolate and raspberry. These are a real treat."
      "It appeals to my taste buds. I love chocolate and raspberries."

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      Soup: Campbell's Select Harvest Light Soup

      You said:
      "I like that it uses less salt and no MSG."
      "I like the label that lists the ingredients. It is a good choice for light meals."

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      Sugar Substitute: NatraTaste Blue Sweetener

      You said:
      "It has a pleasant taste as far as sugar substitute goes, and it does not leave any aftertaste."
      "I am diabetic, and it sweetens very, very well."

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