Wintry Workouts

As the snow lingers, stay active and fit in a frosty fashion -- with your children.
Staying Fit During Wintertime
family walking

Even though spring is just around the corner, the weather outside can still be frightful. Children are stir-crazy. Comfort-food binges have taken their toll around your tummy, and going for a quick jog seems so much harder when it's already dark at suppertime. But there's no better time for a workout.

"Exercise is even more important during the winter," says Dr. Rebecca Jaffe, a family physician in Wilmington, Delaware, and mother of two. "Exercise increases endorphins and makes you feel good, and that helps battle the winter blues. You'll also sleep better and be healthier."

To reap such benefits, Jaffe says you should exercise 30 minutes to an hour every day of the week -- yes, even in winter. Here, Jaffe and other moms who stay active in winter share ways you and your children can sneak in fitness while having some frosty fun.

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